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What is diastema and what are its treatments?

Although diastema cannot be considered a dental disease, it may affect the design of a person’s smile in terms of aesthetics. Diastema is actually a gap between two teeth that can be seen in some people. Although brushing and flossing are done more easily in this group and the distance between the teeth is cleaned more easily, it still ranks low in terms of beauty.

Stay with us in the future to discuss the angles of this issue and see what solutions are provided for it in the science of cosmetic dentistry.

What is a diastema?

The distance between the teeth is called diastema and this case is often cosmetically annoying for people and they want to fix it. A beautiful smile is one of the factors for increasing self-confidence in personal life and social relationships, and by correcting and beautifying the teeth, the smile correction plan can be successfully combined.

Treatment of diastema

It should be noted that the diastema or the gap between the teeth sometimes closes over time and spontaneously, and in cases such as the presence of a sticky buccal frenum or due to the presence of an additional hidden tooth, the first step should be to remove the cause by performing surgery. The impression that may be followed by orthodontics and some other times, it will be necessary to use restorative methods.


Similarly, another restorative method that is used to correct the smile design and close the gap between the teeth is bonding. In dental bonding, composite resin is used for the surface of the teeth and the gap between the teeth is closed in this way. In order to perform bonding, an experienced dentist in Canada must choose the color of the composite resin that matches and is compatible with the individual’s teeth, then shave the necessary and very fine amount from the surface of the two teeth that are supposed to fill the gap between them, and the surface of the teeth place the composite resin, prepare.

The composite form allows the dentist to form it well on the teeth and fill the gap between the teeth completely and the two teeth can be seen together. In this way, the beauty of the smile is ensured and the problems caused by the gap between the teeth are solved.

Dental veneer

Another method that can be chosen to fix diastema is composite veneer. Depending on the dentist’s diagnosis, a layer of tooth enamel is removed in this case and a veneer layer is placed in its place. In this case, the distance between the teeth is generally removed and the veneer creates a very beautiful layer on the teeth. Veneer creates perfect beauty in the teeth and is considered one of the best methods of dental restoration.


If the distance between the teeth is caused by a large frenum in the lip, by performing a frenectomy, it is possible to fix the excessive tissue created in the lip frenum and improve the distance between the teeth. Of course, usually at older ages, the use of this method is not very efficient, or at least it will not be efficient alone, and it is necessary to use other methods along with it.

A beautiful smile

Correcting the smile design is one of the ways to beautify the face, in addition to achieving greater health of the teeth and jaw. It is very important to pay attention to the fact that these techniques must be performed after an examination by a dentist and cosmetologist, and never neglect the health of your teeth in this way.


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