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About us | Doctor in Pocket

Who Are We?

Doctor in Pocket started its mission on May 6th 2022.

Mission? Yes, our mission is more than you think! Our goal is to make medical subjects easier for people and introduce the most popular doctors around the world to them. We started it by adding the highest rated dentists in Canada and we are not goin to stop! We help doctors to be seen around the world and also we help people to find the nearest, most doctors to them.

What Are Our Services?

As we said, our goal is more than you think. Let’s check the services we provide now!


Doctors are born to help people! That is obviously clear for all of us. But there is another thing that we should consider: Earning Money!

Doctors, like the other people need to earn and this can’t be happened by advertising and introducing themselves to the ones who are looking for them. Nowadays, the best way for advertising and making yourself popular is Internet. These most powerful tool alongside the media!

Doctors can add a profile on Doctor in Pocket and introduce themselves on the web. It’s cheap, affordable and professional. Also they can chat with people if they want and answer their questions.


No difference if you are a doctor or not, you can add your events like seminars, webinars and etc. to be seen by people. Also you can a product for your event ticket and sell it easily.

Same as Doctors listing type, it’s affordable and necessary for your business or team. Advanced and premium packages have this type of listing for free! Doctors don’t need to buy additional package for their events!

Job(Hire Now!)

You can hire people if you have job opportunities in your office, you can add it and hire them easily! According to the number of visitors we have on Doctor in Pocket, you will probably in less than one month.