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Terms & Conditions | Doctor in Pocket

Doctor in Pocket is a platform designed based on introducing doctors to sick people. In between, features have been placed for the doctor and the patient that allow him to easily use the website and communicate with his audience.

The rules on this page may be updated from time to time; Therefore, it is suggested to re-read the rules every few months.

You should note that your activity on this site is a sign that you comply with all the laws in this section and the laws of your country.

General rules

  • All users of the site (including doctors, patients, normal users, etc.) undertake to avoid disrespect, creating inappropriate and other discussions; Otherwise, their activity will be suspended.
  • All users are required to complete their user information as much as possible to make it easy to access them for managing the website.

Rules of doctors and advertisers

  • The doctor or the advertiser is obliged to choose the right topic to send his ad (Doctor in Pocket is not a platform for selling cars and such topics, and all ads must be in the field of medicine and health).
  • When registering the listing, the doctor undertakes to choose a package suitable for his job title and specialty; Otherwise, his ad will not be approved.
  • The doctor undertakes to complete all the required fields when registering the listing (introducing himself, introducing the event, and recruiting).
  • Doctors and people who want to sell tickets for their desired event should create a product called “Ticket for event X”.
  • Settlement with these doctors and people will be done weekly on Mondays; Therefore, a doctor or a person cannot submit a request for payment earlier than the due date.
  • Ten percent of the selling rights of each ticket will be deducted from the amount determined by the seller as the Doctor in Pocket royalty, after which the settlement will be made.
  • The doctor or the advertiser must send a suitable photo and cover for his ad; Otherwise, his ad will not be approved.
  • The doctor does not have any obligation to respond to the users of the site from the dialogue section (this matter is the responsibility of the doctor and Doctor in Pocket does not have any responsibility for his correct or wrong answers)

Seller rules

  • Users and patients who purchase products on the site should keep in mind that the conditions for returning the product are the responsibility of the seller or doctor, and it may not be possible to return the product.