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For which people is a smile design suitable?

In each person’s smile, there may be something they don’t like. Treatment methods known as smile design correction can have an effect on improving these points and the beauty of the smile. The repair of each part has its own methods, which we will discuss below.

Smile design modification is one of the cosmetic surgeries that includes different categories and depending on the oral and dental problems of the people, it includes different cosmetic and restorative dentistry methods. By visiting a cosmetic dentist in Canada and whatever problems you have with your teeth, appropriate methods will be chosen to correct your smile design and will be implemented according to the dentist’s diagnosis.

In this article, it will be investigated who are the suitable candidates for smile design correction and what dental problems these restoration methods are performed on.

Suitable candidates for smile design correction

Tooth spacing

Correcting dental gaps for people who have gapped teeth is part of the smile design. After examining this situation by a cosmetic dentist, a corrective and restorative method will be selected and implemented.

Irregular teeth

Many people have crooked teeth and mild to severe misalignment, and it is necessary to repair this misalignment with the help of various methods, including orthodontics, to correct the smile design. It is obvious that the beauty of the smile will increase many times when the teeth return to their correct position and align them.

Impaction of teeth

Some people have hidden teeth, which are often congenital, and this problem must be solved during surgery. In most cases, the tooth is completely extracted and an implant will be recommended instead.

Missing teeth

If even a single tooth is missing and not replaced, it will greatly damage the beauty of your smile. Therefore, in this case, the dentist will often recommend dental implants or, if possible, the use of veneers.

Tooth decay

It happens to many people that their teeth fall out for various reasons. This makes the teeth not look uniform and beautiful and not attractive enough while talking or smiling. In the correction of the smile design, by using different methods, the edges of the teeth are repaired and corrected, and we will have uniform and beautiful teeth again.

Yellowing of teeth

Under the influence of the passage of time and factors such as drinking tea and coffee, smoking and not taking proper care of the teeth, we see the yellowing and loss of whiteness of the teeth. In this case, the teeth are usually whitened using the bleaching method and the previous beauty and brightness are returned to them.

Are orthodontics needed to correct the smile design?

It depends on the condition of your teeth, whether they are grossly crooked and misaligned and require orthodontics before using other restorative methods or not. With this account, it is not possible to fully determine in advance whether we will definitely need orthodontics or not. Therefore, after the initial examination by the dentist, it will be determined whether the patient needs a period of corrective and restorative orthodontic treatment or not.

Is it necessary to correct improper distances between teeth for a beautiful smile?

Improper distance between teeth does not always mean empty space between them. In some people, two permanent teeth may have little space to grow and therefore overlap. This issue may also cause one of the teeth to be embedded. According to the number or number of teeth and the shape of the teeth, the doctor uses methods such as tooth extraction, orthodontics or invisible orthodontics (Invisalign).

Is the replacement of missing teeth one of the methods to correct the smile design?

In addition to causing the gums and jaw bone to weaken, the empty space of the teeth also has a negative effect on the appearance of the smile. Therefore, the methods of replacing the missing teeth are also included in the process of modifying the smile design. Implants, dentures, and dental bridges are among the most common ways to replace missing teeth.

Some parts of smile design correction are absolutely necessary. Because without them, there is a possibility of damaging the oral tissue and other teeth. Replacing missing teeth is not only related to appearance, it is also related to health. Therefore, it should be done in the shortest possible time by the best specialist.

When should you change the color of your teeth?

When teeth are filled with silver amalgam fillings, they will not look good. Using composite restorations that have the natural color of the teeth is a good solution to cover this silver color. The color and shade of dental restoration methods such as implants, dental bridges and veneers are very important in improving the smile design.

Dark or yellow teeth may make a person’s face look older. Of course, their excessive whiteness will create an unnatural appearance. Therefore, a specialist doctor should perform bleaching according to the degree of change in the color of the teeth and the color of the patient’s skin and hair.

Is jaw surgery also needed to correct the smile design?

Some of the procedures used in the smile makeover process are more severe. Jaw surgery is also one of these problems. Usually, people whose smile is affected by the unpleasant shape of their jaws have other problems as well. For this reason, they are suitable candidates for jaw surgery to correct the smile design. The possible problems of these people are:

  • Difficulty chewing and biting.
  • Not having teeth on top of each other (front or back of one of the upper or lower jaws).
  • Pain in the jaw, especially when moving it.

What are the aesthetic components of a smile?

In addition to the restorative methods that we have mentioned in the previous parts to correct the smile design, there are other components for the beauty of human smiles. Benefiting from these features will mean the most beautiful form of smile. The doctor also chooses the treatment process needed by the patient according to them. We have mentioned these components in the following.

Tooth length

Longer teeth make a person look younger. Middle-aged people’s teeth are shorter due to wear and tear, and they may also have pale lips. Gum problems may also cause teeth to appear shorter. Composite and porcelain veneers can be used to increase the length of teeth. The teeth should also be in harmony with the shape of the face. For example, long and rectangular teeth are not suitable for people with round faces.

Smile line

It means the curve that is formed on the lips and mouth when smiling. The smile line is actually an imaginary curve that connects one side of the upper teeth to the other side. This assumed curve should also connect the lower teeth in the same way. In this case, it can be said that a person has a proportional smile line.

Appearance of teeth

The term smile design can also cause the fit between different teeth. For example, the front teeth of some people are much bigger than the side teeth. This messes up the fit of their smile. If the teeth are not healthy, they can be removed and replaced with implants. But in the case of health, you can use other methods such as cover and…

The thing you should pay attention to is that the treatments you do on your face, mouth and teeth have an effect on the beauty of your smile. For this reason, they must be done by professionals. Otherwise, you may need to do additional work to modify the smile design.


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