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Feb 23
Chewing ice harmful to teeth

Why is chewing ice bad for teeth? You may enjoy eating something icy, like ice, but it can cause damage to various compounds, including fillings, crowns, and even your teeth. And you might wonder why you’re interested in something as cold as ice. According to dentist Karen Kahn, this is because of the soothing effect […]

Feb 21
Interdental cleaning: the secret behind a truly healthy smile

When thinking about maintaining oral health, brushing your teeth should be a priority. Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is the cornerstone of a healthy smile, but there’s one simple supplement that can make a difference in your oral health—and that’s cleaning between your teeth. While brushing is the most effective way […]

Feb 19
The effect of high sugar and high acid drinks on teeth

Excessive consumption of soft drinks with high sugar and high acids creates a suitable environment for tooth decaying bacteria. Do you enjoy the strong taste of Mountain Two soda? By buying it, you should be aware of the consequences of its high consumption. Dr. Ann Clemons, a dentist, says, “People who frequently drink Mountain Two […]

Feb 17
5 autoimmune diseases that are related to oral health

Autoimmune diseases are conditions in which the body’s immune system attacks its healthy cells. These diseases can affect the body’s overall health and also connect to the health of the mouth and teeth. Be sure to tell your dentist about your condition and any medications you are taking. This will help them create a customized […]

Feb 15
6 easy lifestyle changes for your oral health

Our oral health is directly related to the overall health of our body. Poor oral hygiene can lead to other health problems and vice versa. If you are concerned about your oral health, these simple lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your oral health as well as your overall health. Balanced nutrition A […]

Feb 13
7 ways to brush your children’s teeth better

Your children’s oral health is very important because it can affect children’s ability to speak, eat, and social interactions, and if children’s teeth are not taken care of, they may require painful treatments. Making sure your child brushes twice a day is an important part of maintaining their oral health. Also, your child must visit […]

Feb 11
Everything you need to know about tongue bacteria!

The tongue is an important part of our mouth and plays an important role in various functions such as tasting, swallowing and speaking. However, it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to various tongue-related diseases and oral health issues. In this article, we explore the world of tongue bacteria, understand […]

Feb 09
Zirconia and porcelain

Although there are basic differences between laminate and zirconium veneer, both methods in Smile design and dental treatment are used. Both methods have their advantages and are done with the dentist’s recommendation and the patient’s approval. The most important factor in determining the desired method is the patient’s problems in terms of oral conditions and […]

Feb 07
Treating receding gums without surgery

Gingivitis is a common problem in the mouth and teeth that may cause various symptoms such as bleeding gums, redness, and swelling around the teeth. This problem can seriously affect the health of the mouth and, consequently, the health of the whole body. Fortunately, today there are non-surgical methods for treating gingivitis that allow you […]

Feb 05
Facial changes after orthodontics (changes in the shape of lips, cheeks, nose, etc.)

Changing the face after orthodontics (changing the shape of the lips, cheeks, nose, etc.) is one of the important issues that people who have arranged their teeth in this way point to. In this article, we want to check whether such a thing is true or not. Dental orthodontics can make changes in your face. […]