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Sep 24
The effect of dairy products on teeth

Many believe that the effect of dairy products on teeth plays an important role in their health. Dairy foods have played an important role in the human diet for thousands of years. Vitamins and minerals in dairy products are essential for the health of the body, especially teeth and gums. The presence of protective substances […]

Sep 23
Lumineers ceramic laminate

In the last few years, people have been using Lumineers ceramic laminate to fix the appearance problems of their teeth. Dental laminate is very useful for solving problems such as ugliness, deformity, shortness, and gaps between teeth. Usually, the tooth is sharpened to perform lamination, and the level of resistance and the possibility of tooth […]

Sep 22
How to do laminate without shaving teeth

Having a beautiful smile always has a great impact on the face. Nowadays, various methods are used to correct the shape and color of teeth, among which we can mention laminate. Unfortunately, to design a smile using the laminate method, it is necessary to shave the tooth enamel. This has caused most people to stop […]

Sep 21
Dental suction

Many patients do not know that the dental suction that the dental assistant applies during their cleaning has a great impact on the safety and health of the office. Although its sole purpose seems to be to keep you from drooling while your dentist is working on your crown restoration or any other activity, it […]

Sep 20
Learn more about the complications of gum surgery

Gum surgery, which is different from a gum lift, is a dental procedure performed by a periodontist or gum specialist. This treatment period is meant for receding the gums to prevent exposure to the root surface of the tooth, which leads to decay and sensitivity. But what are the complications of gum surgery? What is […]

Sep 19
Applications and benefits of composite flow

Having a beautiful smile is the dream of each of us. The dentist can provide the beautiful smile that people desire with Flow Composite. Self-image is very important for patients to look good and feel good about themselves. Composite Flow is a new product to restore and restore health and beauty to your teeth, which […]

Sep 18
Why is children’s orthodontics important?

Parents are always hesitant about their children’s orthodontics and don’t know if they should do it in childhood or if it should be done at an older age. Many people wonder what is the difference between childhood orthodontics and regular orthodontics. And why does our child need orthodontics at all? What is the long-term benefit […]

Sep 17
The most important tool used for root canal treatment

Root canal treatment or denervation depends a lot on the instrument used for root canal treatment. Today, one of the most widely used methods in dentistry is root canal treatment. Root canal treatment helps people to fix various problems in the root of the tooth without removing the tooth from their mouth and to use […]

Sep 16
Types of Korean implants

Dental implant brands produce implant parts and systems for dental implant operations. The patient is supposed to choose a brand from among the options suggested by the implant specialist. You may have noticed that there are many brands related to dental implant surgery, and in this article, we would like to introduce 6 Korean implant […]

Sep 15
The difference between German implants and Swiss implants

Undoubtedly, the neatness and health of the teeth are very effective in the beauty of people, there are many methods to correct and fix the defects of the teeth. Dental implant is one of the most permanent and durable types of these corrections. German and Swiss implants are the most famous and most demanded types […]