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Causes of yellow teeth

One of the main components of the face for the beauty of the face is to have a beautiful smile. Various issues can affect a person’s smile. Problems such as crooked teeth, broken or falling teeth, and one of the most common problems is yellowing of teeth. Many reasons can be stated as the causes of yellowing teeth. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons and ways to solve this problem.

The cause of yellowing teeth

Many people think that only not brushing and smoking cause yellow teeth. There are various other causes for this problem. The most important reasons for yellowing teeth are:

Lack of oral hygiene

If you don’t brush your teeth and don’t follow other oral hygiene measures, dental plaque accumulates. This accumulation is one of the essential causes of yellow teeth.


The use of various types of tobacco such as cigarettes, hookah, tobacco, and tobacco causes yellowing of the teeth.

Age increasing

One of the reasons for yellowing teeth is aging. In general, with increasing age, the enamel layer of the teeth wears away and the dentin layer appears. This layer is yellow.


Some people may be born with yellow teeth.

Different kinds of diseases

Some diseases can cause yellow teeth. For example, if you get a tooth infection during pregnancy, it is likely that the enamel of the baby’s teeth will appear with problems and will turn yellow.

Taking medicines

Antibiotics, antihistamines, and high blood pressure drugs are among the most important drugs affecting tooth enamel. These drugs cause yellowing of teeth, especially in children under 8 years old.

Eating colored foods

Foods such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, spicy foods, etc. are among the causes of teeth yellowing. Therefore, by removing colored food from your diet, you can prevent the yellowing of teeth to a large extent.

Ways to remove the yellowness of the teeth

There are different ways to remove the yellowing of teeth. The most important and easiest method for this problem is to find the main cause and eliminate it. There are many other ways, below are some of the most common ones.

  • Brushing and flossing correctly and according to dentists’ methods
  • Reducing consumption of certain foods and drinks that cause yellowing of teeth.
  • Dental bonding
  • A dental veneer, laminate, or dental composite
  • Use of teeth whitening materials prescribed by a dentist in Kingston
  • Teeth whitening, bleaching, and scaling by a dentist
  • Using teeth whitening products with a dentist’s prescription


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