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Category: Health

Jun 18
Autism and oral and dental diseases

We have heard a lot about the connection between various diseases of the body, lack of vitamins, and even congenital diseases with oral and dental problems, and we have learned well the necessity of observing oral and dental hygiene and maintaining the health of teeth, especially in children. Autism is one of these diseases, which […]

May 28
Should we brush our teeth before breakfast?

Many people hesitate between brushing before and after breakfast. Some use a toothbrush before breakfast and some after breakfast. As you know, brushing and maintaining dental hygiene, in addition to maintaining its beauty, also prevents diseases. The toothbrush can penetrate between the teeth due to its fine and thin brushes. This factor causes the particles […]

May 27
The importance of nutrition for teeth

Nutrition has an important effect and role in the health of teeth, and this issue is obvious to everyone. So that healthy food can have a significant effect in reducing tooth decay and periodontal disease. Tooth decay causes tooth loss. Tooth decay depends on the foods we eat. In this article, we want to talk […]

May 23
Is there a connection between stroke and oral health?

Understanding stroke To understand the connection between stroke and oral health, we must first understand what stroke is and who is at risk. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, or a blood clot prevents oxygen from reaching the brain. A person who experiences a stroke will exhibit physical symptoms that […]

Apr 28
Halitophobia: intense fear of bad breath

Spiders, closed spaces, the number 13, the dark, all of these are at the top of the list of factors that most people are afraid of. Sometimes the stress exceeds the normal level and turns into a phobia; a phobia can be defined as a serious and uncomfortable fear that disrupts our normal activities. Sometimes […]

Apr 09
Effects of eating without teeth

Do you eat your food without wearing dentures? You know that the consequences of eating without teeth are many. At a glance, this issue is not easy and comfortable. Also, eating without teeth will threaten your health. In the following, we are going to discuss the dangers and disadvantages of not chewing food and how […]

Apr 08
Foods you should eat if you have gum disease

Do you know the right foods for gum disease? Many people have gum disease but they don’t know it. To identify these types of diseases and prevent serious complications, you should regularly check up. Gum disease in its early stages is called gingivitis (gum inflammation); periodontitis is the more advanced stage. All gum diseases are […]

Mar 06
11 ways to keep teeth healthy

Achieving healthy teeth requires a lifetime of care. Even if you’ve been told you have good teeth, it’s important to take the right steps every day to care for them and prevent problems. This includes providing oral and dental care products as well as taking care of daily habits. 1- Do not go to bed […]

Mar 04
Care and maintenance of full dentures

The new teeth may seem very bulky and uncomfortable at first, but rest assured that over time you will get so used to them that you will forget their presence in your mouth. But this process requires using dentures and getting used to them and trying to adapt to them. So you need to be […]

Mar 03
How to disinfect and keep your toothbrush clean?

You probably use your toothbrush every day to remove plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and tongue. While your mouth is thoroughly cleaned after brushing, your toothbrush now carries germs and oral debris. Your toothbrush is also likely stored in the bathroom, where bacteria can linger in the air. This article provides […]