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Category: Dentistry

Oct 08
How does finger sucking affect children’s teeth?

Thumb sucking has become a habit in some children. Often these children suck their thumbs to calm themselves when they need to calm down. This habit can continue from infancy to childhood. If this bad habit continues for a long time, the health of children’s teeth will be severely compromised. Over time, finger sucking can […]

Oct 07
What factors cause pale or white gums?

The fading of the gums may indicate that; a person suffering from iron deficiency anemia. But if the gums are white and painful, the cause may be more serious. When a person notices that the color of his gums is changing, especially if there are other symptoms associated with the change in the color of […]

Oct 06
Why might your child need Orthodontic headgear?

Orthodontic headgear, sometimes known as braces, is a device used to correct severe bite problems. While braces can correct misalignment of your teeth, orthodontic braces can cause changes in jaw alignment by putting pressure on the braces. This device can also be used to increase the space between the teeth. To make room for the […]

Oct 05
Benefits, advantages and how to use an orthodontic pacifier

Without a doubt, the most popular and understandable device that can soothe any baby while crying is the pacifier. Children are very fond of pacifiers and cry less despite it. Moreover, it is a very good and simple pastime for them. When a baby or young child is still not aware of the secret of […]

Oct 04
7 of the best ways to strengthen tooth enamel

Dental treatment processes are relatively expensive, because they require high expertise and special and relatively expensive tools and materials are used to treat dental problems. The best way to not have to pay such costs is to observe oral and dental hygiene. And from the occurrence of diseases and problems for the mouth and teeth. […]

Oct 03
Nutrition after dental implant (what to eat after implant)

If you’ve lost a tooth, dental implant surgery can help you not only get an attractive smile, but also allow you to eat the foods you love but couldn’t eat without teeth. But for some time after the surgery and during the implant recovery period, it is important to eat with the implant and you […]

Oct 02
Dental implants and diabetes: implant surgery for diabetics

Diabetes is not a simple disease and if it cannot be managed it will be very difficult to live with it. Diabetics always have many health concerns related to their disease. For example, they always worry about the health of their mouth and teeth, and even if they lose a tooth, it is very difficult […]

Oct 01
What are dental inlays and onlays?

Suppose one of your teeth has decayed due to any reason and this decay has caused a small hole in your tooth. Normally, when you visit a dentist in Canada, the dentist fills the tooth cavity with the help of special filling materials. But if a large part of the tooth is lost and the […]

Sep 30
What is Damon orthodontics and why is it so popular?

Recently, the Damon system is more popular than other orthodontic methods. Why is this type of orthodontics so popular among people? What is Damon orthodontics and how is it different from other treatments? What are its benefits and why should we think about it? Find the answer to all these questions in the full article […]

Sep 29
Orthodontics and smoking, can you smoke with orthodontics?

What is the effect of smoking on dental orthodontics? Is smoking at all harmful to orthodontics? How about hookah is hookah harmful for orthodontics? Can I smoke hookah if I am undergoing orthodontic treatment? In this article we will answer all these questions. Join us to examine the effect of orthodontics and smoking together. Why […]