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Dr. Sanjay Mathur is a highly skilled dentist based in Richmond Hill. He obtained his bachelor of dental surgery degree in 1988, showcasing his commitment to excellence in the field of dentistry. Dr. Mathur is a proud member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, demonstrating his dedication to maintaining the highest standards of dental care.

With a passion for creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Mathur goes above and beyond to provide his patients with exceptional dental treatments. His unwavering commitment to his patients' oral health and well-being is evident in his meticulous approach and personalized care.

Outside of his dental practice, Dr. Mathur finds joy and relaxation in the world of music. Playing the guitar and singing are among his favorite pastimes, allowing him to express his creativity and artistic side. This passion for music reflects his well-rounded nature and adds a unique touch to his personality.

Dr. Sanjay Mathur's extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and passion for creating beautiful smiles make him a trusted and respected dentist in Richmond Hill. Patients can rely on his expertise and compassionate approach to receive top-quality dental care and achieve their desired million-dollar smiles.

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