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Dr. Melody Meng is an accomplished dentist in Richmond Hill and the team leader at RM Dentistry. She has demonstrated her academic excellence by teaching internationally trained dentists at the University of Western Ontario in 2013 and 2014. In this advanced class, she worked with dental experts from around the world who possessed Master's or Ph.D. degrees or had served as professors in their respective home countries.

RM Dentistry opened its first office in Richmond Hill in August 2014, located at Leslie/16th. Since then, Dr. Meng and her team have received tremendous support from thousands of patients and have been honored with numerous consumer awards.

In December 2018, RM Dentistry expanded its services by opening a second office at 9610 Yonge St, Richmond Hill. This modern and beautifully decorated facility has captivated visitors, who often express their admiration with a resounding "wow" upon their initial visit.

Dr. Melody Meng's commitment to providing exceptional dental care, combined with the advanced equipment and luxurious environment at RM Dentistry, has made it a trusted choice for patients in Richmond Hill.

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