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Jan 14
What is ips composite?

IPS dental composite is a type of restorative material that uses superior nano-hybrid technology and is produced by the German company Avoclar. This type of composite forms a new generation of dental veneers that can simultaneously provide restorative and beautifying functions for teeth. Dental composite is a covering material that is used to restore and […]

Jan 12
Causes of damage to children’s milk teeth

Ensuring the health of children’s primary and milk teeth is very important to create a healthy foundation for permanent teeth in the future. Leaving the health of milk teeth alone and not taking care of them can lead to many problems that not only affect the health of the child’s mouth but also harm their […]

Jan 10
Should we do orthodontics or surgery first to treat jaw abnormalities?

Answer to the question: Should we do orthodontics or surgery first to treat jaw abnormalities? It depends on the type and severity of your jaw and dental problems. Often, treatment begins with orthodontics, and in cases where orthodontics alone is not enough or the severity of the problem is greater, surgery may be considered as […]

Jan 08
Ways to treat locked jaw

A locked jaw is a problem in the jaw joint that can lead to the inability to open the mouth and cause pain and various problems in daily activities. This problem may occur due to various causes including inflammation, injury, or changes in the structure of the jaw joint. If you are experiencing a locked […]

Jan 06
Improper dental implant complications and ways to prevent them

A dental implant is one of the modern and effective methods of treating the absence of one or more teeth, which replaces the natural tooth by placing a metal screw in the jawbone and connecting an artificial crown to it. This procedure has many benefits, including improving aesthetic appearance, increasing self-confidence, maintaining the health of […]

Jan 05
Punch implant

If you have lost your teeth due to accidents, illness, or poor hygiene, you may be looking for a solution to replace them with new teeth. A dental implant is one of the best ways to replace natural teeth, which is done by implanting a metal base in the jaw bone and an artificial coating […]

Jan 04
The most difficult stage of the implant: how to overcome it?

Dental implant, like any other treatment method, has its stages and problems. To get a dental implant, you have to go through several steps, each of which may cause pain, bleeding, infection, inflammation, or rejection of the implant. These problems can usually be controlled and treated by following health tips, taking prescribed medications, and visiting […]

Jan 03
Treatment of toothache with turmeric

One of the natural and simple ways to treat toothache is to use turmeric. Turmeric is a medicinal plant that is widely used in cooking and traditional medicine in Iran and other Asian countries. Turmeric has active compounds such as curcumin, which have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties. Turmeric can help reduce inflammation […]

Jan 02
Fast sleeping swelling of the gums Expressing simple and effective solutions

Inflammation and gingivitis are symptoms that indicate various diseases in tooth and gum tissues. These diseases can occur for various reasons, including food sticking, malnutrition, pregnancy, infection, misuse of dental floss or salt water, gingivitis or gingivitis, etc. In this article, I will mention some of the different causes of gingivitis, gingivitis, and their treatment […]

Jan 01
How is gum cancer? | Its difference with gingivitis

The gum is a tissue that is located in the mucous membrane and above the jaw inside the mouth. The gum is made of skin and consists of several layers of skin layers. Gums are responsible for protecting teeth and dental plaque. The gums may have problems with various factors such as inflammation, infection, abscess, […]