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Sep 06
What is a dental splint?

Do you know what a dental splint is? Loose teeth in childhood are a sign of the end of the life of milk teeth and the preparation of the jaw for the growth of permanent teeth. But loose teeth in adulthood is not a good sign at all and is very worrying and may be […]

Sep 05
Some tips about laser gum surgery

In medical science, continuous efforts are being made to improve and upgrade therapeutic and surgical methods to solve oral and gum health problems. In this regard, the use of new technologies has emerged as an alternative to traditional methods. One of these new methods is laser gum surgery, which has been considered an effective alternative […]

Sep 04
Using new technologies in dentistry

In today’s dynamic and technology-oriented world, rapid and significant developments in various fields have led to many changes in human methods and behaviors. The field of dentistry has not been separated from these changes and with the introduction of technology, it has become a more modern, efficient, and practical field. In the meantime, therapeutic applications […]

Sep 03
Sensitivity after teeth bleaching

Teeth bleaching may cause sensitivity in some people. This sensitivity is usually due to the increased permeability of the tooth enamel layer, which makes it easier for chemicals to penetrate the tooth. These chemicals can irritate the tooth nerve and cause sensitivity. Also, teeth bleaching may cause dry mouth, which can also cause sensitivity. In […]

Sep 02
The effect of genetics on tooth decay

Are you one of those people who always try to pay attention to your oral hygiene and use the best methods to keep your teeth healthy? Or maybe you are one of those people who don’t pay much attention to your health behaviors and may often skip dental care. If so, you must have experienced […]

Sep 01
Frequently asked questions about smile design

In recent decades, attention to beauty and attractiveness has become one of the prominent priorities in different societies. Smile design modification, as one of the most prominent and effective cosmetic surgery methods, plays a very important role in improving people’s self-confidence and life experience. With the use of advanced technologies and new methods, this process […]

Aug 31
Nutrients and their effects on teeth

The health of the mouth and teeth are among the basic prerequisites for improving and maintaining the overall health of people. Teeth as vital components for eating, choosing food, correct pronunciation, and even beautiful appearance are very important in people. However, the health of the teeth is directly affected by nutrition and nutrients. Proper nutrition […]

Aug 30
The effect of coffee on teeth

What do you know about the effect of coffee on teeth? Coffee is one of the most popular drinks consumed around the world. This warm drink is known for its stimulating effects and energizing properties. However, while enjoying a cup of coffee, it is important to understand its impact on dental health. Because if used […]

Aug 29
Prevention of tooth abscess in children

As parents, we strive to ensure that our children lead healthy and happy lives. A vital aspect of their overall health is maintaining oral health, especially preventing cavities. Dental cavities, commonly known as tooth decay or tooth decay, if left untreated, can lead to a host of oral health problems, especially tooth abscesses in children. […]

Aug 28
Is dental laser treatment harmful?

Dental laser therapy continues to be highly praised in the field of dentistry. Lasers help with a variety of dental procedures, including teeth whitening, cavity filling, and gum reshaping. The advantage of laser dental procedures is that they can be safer and more effective than older methods. Fast recovery, disinfection, and comfort during operation are […]