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Zirconium dental crown

Zirconium dental crowns (Zirconia), which are used as one of the types of dental crowns, have important advantages. Here are some of these benefits:


  1. Natural appearance: Zirconia crowns look like natural teeth due to their transparency. This feature makes zirconia-coated teeth look natural and attractive.
  2. High resistance: Zirconium is known as a hard and resistant material. Therefore, zirconia dental veneers have high resistance to scratching and wear, which increases their life.
  3. Compatibility with oral tissues: Zirconia is safe for oral tissues. Due to its high compatibility with oral tissues, it guarantees the absence of unwanted irritations and sensitivities around the teeth.
  4. Precise fit: Zirconium dental crowns have a precise fit to the surface of the tooth and therefore rarely require subsequent changes or adjustments.
  5. Color stability: the color of zirconia does not change over time, and this feature makes zirconium-coated teeth always remain bright with their natural color.
  6. Maintaining gum health: Due to the similarity of zirconia with oral tissues, the possibility of unwanted gingivitis is reduced, which leads to maintaining the health of the gums and preventing gum diseases.

For these reasons, zirconia dental veneers are the right choice for people who are looking to improve the appearance of their teeth as well as maintain the health of their mouth and gums. However, choosing the type of veneer depends on the dental problems of each person and you can choose a suitable option with the advice of a dentist.

Is zirconium veneer better or porcelain?

Choosing between zirconium and porcelain veneers depends on various factors and needs to evaluate your characteristics and needs. Below are some of the features and benefits of each:

Advantages of zirconia dental veneers:

High resistance: Zirconia is known as a hard and resistant material, and zirconium veneers are usually more resistant to scratches and wear.

Natural appearance: Zirconium is closer to natural teeth and looks more beautiful due to its transparency and shine.

Compatibility with oral tissues: Zirconia is safe for oral tissues. Due to its high compatibility with oral tissues, it guarantees the absence of unwanted irritations and sensitivities around the teeth.

Advantages of porcelain veneers:

More formability: Due to its physical properties, porcelain allows the dentist to create more shapes and views, which can create the most suitable tooth shape for you.

Lower price: Porcelain veneers are usually cheaper than zirconium veneers and can be a good option for some patients with financial limitations.

Adjustable lifespan: If necessary, porcelain veneers can be adjusted and repaired.

Since each person has their characteristics and needs, it is better to choose the best option for you with the advice of a dentist. According to the conditions of your teeth, the doctor can explain that zirconium or porcelain veneers are more suitable for you.

Procedures for performing zirconium dental veneers

  1. Consultation and evaluation: First, the dentist will consult with you and evaluate the condition of your teeth and your needs. At this stage, it will be checked whether zirconia dental veneers are suitable for you or not.
  2. Tooth preparation: If there is a need for tooth restoration, first the relevant tooth is restored and prepared. This preparation includes removing cracks, filling empty spaces, and shaping the tooth.
  3. Measurement: In this step, the dentist takes the exact measurements of your teeth so that the zirconium crowns are made to the right size and with high precision.
  4. Crown Design and Fabrication: Molds are sent to the lab where zirconium crowns are designed and fabricated using computer-aided (CAD/CAM) techniques.
  5. Crown test: After the crowns are made, they are tested on the teeth to ensure that their size and shape match your teeth.
  6. Affixing the veneers: After they are approved, they are glued onto the teeth and attached to the teeth with strong adhesion.
  7. Adjustment: After bonding the veneers, the dentist will make sure to make the necessary adjustments. The veneers are then polished to create the final scene, leaving it shiny and beautiful.

Finally, after performing the above steps, the zirconia crown is installed and your teeth will return to their natural beauty.

Care and maintenance of zirconia dental veneers

Proper care and maintenance of zirconium dental veneers can contribute to their longevity and beauty. Here are some tips for caring for zirconium dental veneers:

  1. Oral hygiene: regular and correct care of teeth and gums by brushing at least twice a day and using dental floss helps the longevity of veneers. Use soft toothbrushes without using too much pressure when brushing.
  2. Using oral antiseptic solutions: Using oral antiseptic solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide, can reduce germs and bacteria in the mouth.
  3. Avoid eating and drinking foods and drinks that can discolor veneers, such as coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and colored snacks.
  4. Avoid using teeth to break things like pens.
  5. Regular visits to the dentist: Regular and periodic visits to the dentist are important to maintain and test veneers and maintain the health of the mouth and teeth.
  6. Use of protectors in dangerous sports: If you participate in dangerous sports such as contact sports or martial arts, the use of protectors can protect your teeth and veneers from damage and impact.

By observing the above care, zirconia dental veneers will last for a long time and you can benefit from their beauty and performance.

The cost and durability of zirconia dental veneers

The cost and durability of zirconium veneer may vary depending on various factors. Next, we will examine each of these factors:

The cost of zirconium dental veneers can vary from city to city and even from clinic to clinic. Also, the cost of these veneers depends on the number of teeth needed and the amount of restorations. In general, zirconium veneer has a high cost due to the use of expensive materials and advanced technologies. But instead, its aesthetic value, durability, and longevity make up for the extra cost.


The durability of zirconia dental veneers depends on various factors. With proper care and oral hygiene, these veneers can work well for a very long time, even up to 10 years or more. Also, maintaining and repairing covers can help them last longer.

Finally, to know the most accurate costs and more explanations about the durability of zirconium dental veneers, it is better to consult a dentist in Hamilton. The doctor can provide an estimate of possible costs and life expectancy according to your dental conditions.


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