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Zirconia and porcelain

Although there are basic differences between laminate and zirconium veneer, both methods in

Smile design and dental treatment are used. Both methods have their advantages and are done with the dentist’s recommendation and the patient’s approval.

The most important factor in determining the desired method is the patient’s problems in terms of oral conditions and tooth structure. The fact that zirconium can be used for a shorter period than laminate veneers and that it covers the tooth is one of the main factors in the final choice.

The laminate coating is applied only to the front part of the tooth and on each tooth separately. To determine the applied method, it is necessary to examine and examine the patient and determine the coverage ratio of the dental structure and the condition of the enamel tissue on the surface of the tooth. While a dental bridge can be used for a missing tooth in a zirconium crown, the fact that the laminate veneer treatment is not suitable for the use of a dental bridge is one of the big differences between the two methods.

What is a zirconium crown and in what conditions is it used?

Zirconium has a color similar to silver and is a white composite material. Thanks to its resistant structure against external factors, it will have many uses. Zirconium, which is preferred as an infrastructure material in cosmetic dental applications, due to its color and durability, is considered an outstanding product in dental treatments due to its processability, no damage to the tissue, and pressure resistance. In cases where the filling does not have the desired result and when there is a possibility of tissue loss, this method is preferred. In addition, it is suitable for the following:

  • In dental bridges and crown treatments
  • In cases where the color of the teeth is severely lost
  • Reconstruction of fractures that cannot be repaired by filling
  • If the gap between the teeth cannot be closed with a laminate cover or different treatment methods
  • In orthodontic hook applications

What are the advantages of a zirconium crown?

Initial examination and clinical analysis by a specialist dentist in Richmond Hill to meet the patient’s expectations at the highest possible level. If the dentist deems zirconium suitable and the patient approves it;

The closest result is obtained to the natural appearance and structure of the tooth

It will not lead to any allergic or sensitizing reactions

It adds vitality and depth to the tooth structure

It bonds well with the natural structure of the tooth and eliminates possible cosmetic errors

Since it is semi-transparent like a natural tooth, it can reflect and absorb light

It is used as a dental bridge material in cases where an implant is not possible and also in cases where the tooth has been lost and cannot be helped by an implant.

What is the laminate coating? In what conditions is it used?

While zirconium is a veneer method to cover the entire tooth, laminate veneer treatment is only used for the front of the tooth. In this treatment method, which is also called porcelain veneer attached to the tooth, plaques are prepared in the desired size, color, and shape. In addition to the permanent treatment, laminate veneer also acts as a preventive treatment method that gives a person a very polished appearance. After taking measurements and evaluations before starting the laminate veneer treatment, the patient performs his daily function with the temporary tooth. Laminated porcelain is prepared in the laboratory for 7-10 days of use. Due to the strong connection with the teeth, this treatment method has been used for a long time.

What are the advantages of laminate coating?

Laminate veneer treatment, which is one of the most popular procedures requested by patients who care about the beauty of their smile and teeth, is preferred thanks to its stylish and confident appearance. The advantage of the laminate veneer treatment, which is performed without any dental grinding, is as follows:

  • It does not change color
  • Thanks to its durability and resistance, it works for years without changing its shape
  • It can reduce dental pressure, discolor, and change the shape of teeth
  • It gives a person a beautiful and stylish appearance
  • Compatible with the natural tooth structure

How long is the laminate cover?

Depending on the individual’s sensitivity, the life of laminated teeth is between 5 and 15 years.

How long does a zirconium crown last?

Periodic maintenance and examination by a dentist increase the length of use. Zirconium crowns can work for years without deforming.

Do laminated teeth cause odor?

Carefully manufactured in private laboratories, laminate veneers are popular due to their compatibility with natural tooth structures. Laminated teeth, which are made with quality products and by leading experts, will not have any problem in terms of bad smell.

Is zirconium crown harmful to health?

Zirconium crowns can be used even in patients with metal allergies, thanks to their compatibility with natural teeth.


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