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Zero to one hundred ceramic orthodontics

When it comes to orthodontics and especially ceramic orthodontics to correct your smile and design the shape of your teeth, you should know that no device like it can bring you the desired result. In general, orthodontics, with the help of brackets and metal wires, places your teeth in the right place over time and corrects them over time. However, many people are inclined to ceramic orthodontics because of the appearance that regular orthodontics gives to the teeth and mouth.

In this article, in addition to introducing this new type of orthodontics, we want to describe its uses and the amount of money you need to pay. If you want to do a professional procedure for your teeth and bring the most beautiful smile possible to your face, you can contact the best dentists in Canada.

What is ceramic orthodontics?

In the first part of the article, we introduce this unique achievement in the oral and dental field. In the traditional and old methods of smile line correction and its design, the dentist used metal wires and metal braces for you, and they were usually seen from a distance. This problem caused many applicants for tooth shape correction to be annoyed, that’s why a new product called ceramic orthodontics was designed and produced. In this method, the brackets are made of ceramic and the same color as the teeth.

In fact, by replacing colorless (transparent) brackets or tooth-colored brackets instead of conventional metal brackets, orthodontics is less visible when talking and smiling. Of course, finally the orthodontic wire that passed through the ceramic bracket can be seen.

Some important points about ceramic orthodontics

Now that you are familiar with ceramic orthodontics, it is better to have information about important and cautionary issues. As you know, colorless materials are used for brackets of this type of orthodontics, and white or tooth-colored elastics are used for braces. In addition to all this, the brace itself is also produced from a material that is very similar to glass in terms of physical behavior. All these things make you cautious about ceramic orthodontic color and jaw impacts.

Braces made with glass-like materials are therefore more likely to break than metal braces. It usually happens that some dentists do orthodontics on the top row of teeth with a ceramic method and the bottom row with a metal method in order to reduce the possibility of fracture. Regarding the discoloration and staining of orthodontics, we must also say that you should use all the oral hygiene tips that you follow for normal orthodontics for ceramic orthodontics.

So far, it has not happened that the brackets change color; but this issue can happen with caches. One of the important things in this regard is that if you want your orthodontic braces to not change color during the intervals of visiting the clinic, avoid smoking and caffeinated drinks with a high percentage of purity.

The positive feature of ceramic orthodontics

As we told you at the beginning of the article, the main goal of all orthodontists is to prepare a beautiful smile by arranging the patient’s teeth. Therefore, those who are concerned about the beauty of the smile and the appearance of the mouth may be confused by the appearance of ordinary orthodontics. Therefore, in the first step, ceramic orthodontics, in addition to straightening the teeth, solves the problem of the inappropriate appearance of metal orthodontics for patients.

The next important thing that comes up in relation to ceramic orthodontics is its prominence. It is interesting to know that unlike conventional metal orthodontics, ceramic orthodontics have much less protrusion and do not change the external shape of the lips. This product has all the necessary and sufficient power and capability to repair all abnormalities of tooth growth and exhibits ideal efficiency.

When can we go for ceramic orthodontics?

In general, this type of orthodontics solves all the problems related to the improper shape of the teeth for you. However, if we want to specifically mention some of the most important cases of its use, we can mention disorders such as front teeth in the upper or lower jaw and even overlapping of a number of teeth in two jaws. Also, when one or more teeth are crooked and at an inappropriate angle, we should use ceramic orthodontics and correct our teeth with it.

Another very common problem that causes a person to seek the benefits of orthodontics for his mouth is that there is a gap between two or more teeth. In this case, we can increase the distance between the teeth with the help of ceramic orthodontics. Another very important point that we should know about when to use this type of orthodontics is that there is no age limit for it. Whenever you go to the doctor to improve the condition of your teeth, you can use metal or ceramic orthodontics.

The duration of using ceramic orthodontics also depends on the diagnosis of your dentist. This period may last from a few to more than a year and a half. Depending on how long this orthodontic is supposed to be on your teeth, you should also coordinate the time of scaling your teeth with the dentist. Due to the lower resistance of ceramic brackets, this orthodontics is not used in severe problems and anomalies, and in cases where ceramic orthodontics is performed, the duration of the orthodontic process is longer.

What does the cost of ceramic orthodontics depend on?

Perhaps one of the most important concerns of all patients is how much they should spend to correct the shape of their smile. In this section, we want to talk about the factors affecting the price of ceramic orthodontics so that we can better estimate the price when it is done. The first item affecting the price of ceramic orthodontics is the material used to make it.

The next point is that although the results of both ceramic and metal orthodontic methods are the same; but the length of treatment with the ceramic type is a little longer. So you should consider paying a higher fee in a longer period of time. The final point is that ceramic braces must be maintained and cared for in more special conditions. Also, in case of improper use and eating food such as corn and candy, there is a possibility of breaking it.


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