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Why is children’s orthodontics important?

Parents are always hesitant about their children’s orthodontics and don’t know if they should do it in childhood or if it should be done at an older age. Many people wonder what is the difference between childhood orthodontics and regular orthodontics. And why does our child need orthodontics at all?

What is the long-term benefit of orthodontics at a young age for a child? Maybe these are just some of the questions that people have in their minds about preventive orthodontics for children.

What children need orthodontics?

Many children have problems of irregularity and abnormality in their jaws and teeth. These problems and abnormalities can be treated and followed up according to the cause and conditions of the person at different ages; Sometimes, some of these problems can be treated at a younger age due to the child’s growth, so it is recommended at a younger age for better results.

Among these abnormalities, we can mention the big upper jaw or even narrow upper jaw and small lower jaw. These problems are among the cases that will have better results if diagnosed and treated at an early age. Orthodontics for children at this age is recommended for these cases. But some problems, such as the size of the lower jaw, due to the growth of the child and the increase in the size of the lower jaw over time, are recommended not to be treated and to be treated in the form of orthodontics or a combination of orthodontics and jaw surgery at older ages. Orthodontics of children’s teeth is recommended not to be done for such problems.

Sometimes early treatment of these cases will prolong the treatment time, which will affect the child’s cooperation in the treatment process. Also, the treatment of these cases will cause unnecessary expenses, which may discourage the person from continuing the treatment.

If the child has problems such as overbite, crossbite, or severe deepbite, these cases can be treated during childhood; Sometimes the growth of teeth in the wrong place in the mouth causes them to be messed up, which can also be treated with children’s orthodontics. The presence of bite disorders (closing teeth on each other) causes decay and wear of permanent teeth; Therefore, in case of irregularity and disordered teeth, to prevent problems, it is recommended to perform orthodontic treatment.

Why is orthodontics better for children?

Orthodontics for children at a young age is one of the most appropriate things that people can do to solve their children’s teeth and jaw problems. As you know, in general, orthodontics is done to solve jaw problems and irregularity of teeth and jaws, etc. Orthodontics restores the design and order of the teeth and jaw problems, which usually have a very long treatment duration. The duration of orthodontic treatment can be from six months to three years. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a skilled and professional specialist for dental orthodontics.

Since the goal in orthodontics of children’s teeth is placed on the displacement and movement of the teeth to organize and align them, the younger the patient is for this treatment plan, the better the treatment result will be. It is generally recommended that children visit a dentist from the age of 7 so that possible problems with their teeth can be examined and, if necessary, a treatment plan can be prescribed.

It should be noted that all jaw and teeth problems usually show themselves in a child’s mouth from the age of 7, and for this reason, this age is the best age for a dental checkup. The advice of most orthodontists is to prepare your children for orthodontic treatment while they are growing because orthodontic treatment of children’s teeth will be more effective and less expensive than at other ages.

Orthodontic methods of children’s teeth

If your child needs orthodontics, you will probably be faced with several types of orthodontic treatment that you should choose from. Of course, the choice of orthodontic method is made by the dentist in Kingston. Orthodontic treatments are used for various problems, including misalignment and clutter to overbite. The most common orthodontic treatments for children’s teeth are:

  • Traditional orthodontics (metal)
  • ceramic
  • Invisible orthodontics (transparent aligner)
  • Lingual

Care after orthodontics for children

Many children need orthodontics to fix their teeth, but this orthodontics requires care to have the best possible effect. Taking care of a child’s mouth and teeth during and after orthodontics always plays a key role in preventing common dental and gum problems. For this reason, these cares are extremely important, and usually, in these cases, the pediatric orthodontic specialist will provide you with this information.

  • Compliance with oral hygiene
  • Brushing teeth and braces
  • Use dental floss
  • Use mouthwash
  • appropriate diet
  • Observance of order in referrals to specialists



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