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What is Waterpik?

Every day, new tools and methods for oral and dental hygiene come to the market. One of the devices that has recently entered the market is called Waterpik. The best alternative to brushing is flossing. If you cannot use dental floss for any reason, you can use Waterpik.

The action mechanism of the Waterpik device

The way the Waterpik device works is as follows: it cleans the space between the teeth by using the flow of water and removes food from between the teeth like dental floss. In addition, when flossing, the gums may be damaged due to high pressure, but in this method, due to the flow of water, in addition to emptying the space between the teeth, it also massages the gums and helps them to be healthier.

The Waterpik directs water to the area between the teeth and gums with a certain pressure that can be adjusted according to the type of teeth and gums. This device can be used easily and does not harm the teeth and gums.

Who needs to use Waterpik instead of Floss?

  • Some groups of people are advised to use Waterpik instead of dental floss.
  • The first group is people who have done fixed orthodontics. These people can hardly use dental floss.
  • The second group is people who use bridges and fixed prostheses. It is difficult for this group to use dental floss, so most of them do not use dental floss.
  • People who have composite and laminate are also recommended to use Waterpik to completely clean the space between the gum and veneer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Waterpik

This method is a modern way to clean teeth, which cleans all the deposits, veneers, and bridges with water pressure and helps to destroy bacteria in the mouth. As we mentioned above, in addition to cleaning the spaces between the teeth, gum massage helps to strengthen them and better maintain oral and dental hygiene.

With all the goodness of this device, unfortunately, it cannot be used where there is no electricity. This device has different types, but they all need electricity. From this point, we can point to the biggest problem of this device at the moment.

How to use Waterpik

It is very easy to use this device. First, water the tank of the device. Then you turn on the device. Now bend your head towards the sink and start brushing your teeth by adjusting the water pressure from low to high (it is better to start from the back teeth) and the distance between them. You can easily use this device to maintain your oral health.

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