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What is the right age for dental implants?

When one or more teeth are completely lost and their place is left empty in the mouth, this space can be filled with the implant method, which replaces artificial teeth. In this article, we will introduce dental implant treatment and check the appropriate age for dental implants.

The dental implant is completely similar to the original tooth both in terms of appearance and function. A dental implant is a piece of metal (titanium) that is surgically placed in the jaw bone, and after placing a metal base in the gum, a cover or prosthesis similar to a tooth is placed on it. This metal base replaces the tooth root and has good compatibility with the body and does not cause problems. This method of treatment is permanent and if it is well taken care of, it will maintain its durability for a long time.

A dental implant is an approved method for treating and correcting the shape of teeth, and like all treatments, it has a series of limitations that we will discuss below.

Physical conditions suitable for dental implants

Apart from having the right age for the implant, the right physical condition is also very important. To implant a dental implant, having the right physical condition is the first condition for the treatment. If a person has a habit of clenching his teeth and suffers from grinding teeth, or if he has diseases such as gum disease, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart attack, artificial heart valve, treatment-resistant osteoporosis and osteoporosis, and diseases such as If he is infected, it is better to do this treatment under the supervision of his doctor and according to his diagnosis. In general, before performing this treatment and placing the implant base in the gums, the patient should check the health of his teeth and if there is a problem, it should be fixed and then this surgery is performed.

The remarkable point in this treatment is the welding of the implant base to the gum, and this is done in the best way when the time interval between the loss of the tooth and the placement of the base is short.

The right age for implants

In this article, we want to talk more about the right age for dental implants. Having the right age to perform this treatment is another condition for doing implants because one of the most important things to pay attention to is the full growth of the jawbone, which usually takes place in late adolescence and early youth, so the minimum age to do it is He is 18 years old. Of course, this law is not the same for everyone, and usually, if a teenager needs to undergo this treatment, a photo of his jaw and mouth is taken on the doctor’s prescription to determine whether the jaw has grown enough for surgery or not, and if the operation is possible, with This treatment is done with the consent of the parents.

If a person has this treatment done before the age of 18, after reaching the appropriate age, he must change his implant to fit the new implant to the size of the teeth and jaw.

It is not possible to say a specific number to determine the right age for an implant, and apart from the cases we specified above, any person of any age can perform this treatment if necessary and after the necessary examinations.

How long does a dental implant last?

One of the issues that are always asked of implant patients is the durability of the dental implant, it is not possible to say an exact number about the lifespan of this treatment, and like many treatments, it depends on the person. For example, if a person smokes or does not take sufficient measures for oral and dental hygiene, the duration of this treatment will decrease. Also, a proper diet, a correct and healthy lifestyle is very effective in increasing its life span.

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