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What is the crossbite of anterior teeth?

What is the crossbite of anterior teeth? The position of the teeth is normally such that the teeth of the upper jaw are 2 mm ahead of the teeth of the lower jaw. Cases in which one or more teeth of the lower jaw are placed in front of the upper jaw, this condition is called crossbite of anterior teeth. If this genetic problem is not treated, the growth of the lower jaw will cause severe abnormalities in the jaw and mouth area. This type of jaw deformity is in the Skeletal Cl III category. In the following, we will tell you how to treat front teeth crossbite in the best dentistry in Canada.

What is the cause of front teeth crossbite?

  • Congestion and crowding of the teeth, which causes the front teeth to be compressed and disordered, and the lower jaw is pulled forward.
  • Long-term retention of milk teeth in the mouth.
  • Hereditary factors.
  • Complications of cleft lip and palate surgeries that prevent the growth of the jaw arch.

What problems does the crossbite of front teeth cause to a person?

  • Inability to speak and pronounce words correctly.
  • Difficulty chewing.
  • Loss of tooth enamel due to wear.
  • Headache and muscle contraction due to the pressure of the teeth against each other.

How is crossbite treated?

Crossbite disorder of anterior teeth in childhood can be treated by an orthodontist. This disorder can be easily treated with a small movable orthodontic device inside the mouth or extraction of milk teeth for the healthy growth of permanent teeth. After the age of 12 and at older ages, crossbite can be treated with fixed orthodontics or with orthosurgery when the growth of the jaw has stopped.



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