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What is the cause of mouth sores in children and how is it treated?

Canker sores are superficial and painful sores that occur inside the mouth. These sores may appear on the gums, tongue, back of the cheek, and the inner parts of the lips. A child’s mouth ulcer is associated with pain and discomfort and creates many challenges for parents.

Children may face this problem at different ages. The presence of pest makes the child unable to eat properly and causes them discomfort and restlessness. In this article, we are going to do a complete review of canker sores in children and examine the most important cause of canker sores in children and how to treat them.

Children’s mouth sores

A sore is an open wound with a round shape and a white or yellow color. The wound is surrounded by a red halo. This ulcer occurs in all internal parts of the mouth. Sometimes they are observed individually, but sometimes they appear in clusters.

Pests are not a serious disease, but their presence in the mouth causes disturbances in eating and drinking. Unlike herpes, cold sores are not viral and do not spread from person to person. Children’s mouth ulcers usually occur in the soft tissues of the mouth. The most important symptoms of a child’s mouth sores are as follows:

  • Round ulcers that are usually less than 6 mm
  • Usually, only one pest appears in children at a time.
  • Pests do not cause any clinical symptoms or fever.
  • They are accompanied by pain while eating or otherwise.
  • They remain in the child’s mouth for one to two weeks.

Cause of mouth sores in children

Many doctors believe that there is no clear and specific reason for mouth drooping. Of course, there are some cases that increase the probability of causing pest. Below are several causes of canker sores:


Children are more exposed to stress and worry, and sometimes problems that are not stressful at all for adults are considered very stressful for children. For this reason, stress is one of the most important causes of mouth ulcers in children. Various problems cause stress in children, sometimes conflicts and verbal arguments between parents, moving away from friends, discomfort in the educational environment, etc. can be the cause of mouth sores in children.


The second cause of mouth sores in children is heredity. Sometimes canker sores run in a family, in which case hereditary conditions have a big impact. If you have a history of oral thrush, your child may also face this problem.

Dietary deficiency

Problems in feeding the child, food allergies and lack of some essential vitamins such as B12 and iron and folic acid can also cause mouth sores. It is better to consider a suitable diet for your child and do the necessary tests in case of pest.

Weakness of the immune system

Children who have a weak body or due to the occurrence of diseases such as colds, their immune power is reduced, are prone to mouth sores.

Treatment methods for children’s mouth sores

Compared to adults, children have a lower tolerance threshold and are usually more bothered by pests. For this reason, it is better to use cold drinks for them. Contact with food and any seasoning may aggravate the pain. Not eating also makes the child weaker and this process may continue. For this reason, when the pest occurs, you should look for ways to treat it.

  • Applying an ice pack is an excellent way to numb the child’s mouth in areas that have fallen.
  • Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing lauryl sulfate.
  • Use a soft toothbrush especially for your child.
  • Do not use salty, spicy and hot foods for children.
  • Consuming cold foods and cold drinks is recommended to treat a child’s mouth sores.
  • Do not use acidic foods such as tomatoes or lemons.
  • Regularly clean the child’s mouth with salt water or regular mouthwash.
  • Use numbing gels as prescribed by the doctor to calm the child’s pain.

Home remedies for mouth ulcers in children

There are some substances that can speed up the healing process of the pest. Honey, animal oil, coconut and coconut milk, aloe Vera, licorice extract, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and basil leaves are among the ingredients that can help heal a child’s mouth sores.

It usually takes one to two weeks to treat mouth sores. If after this period and following the above, the mouth ulcer does not improve, you must see a doctor. If a child’s mouth sores seem to be infectious, it can cause problems for the child, which is why it is necessary to see a dentist in Canada.


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