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What is sewon medix implant?

The company started operating in 2006 and changed its name to Sewon Medix Implants in 2012. This company obtained a CE license in 2013 and an FDA license in 2016 and is approved by the UK, US, KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), and Korea GMP. For this reason, these implants are welcomed by a large number of people in the world.

In the implant, the base is placed inside the jaw of the person, which is called the fixture that plays the role of the root of the tooth; they say. This base in its production process is made of various alloys such as titanium, which has a higher percentage in all bases used and this implant (sewon medix implant) is placed in the category of implants with advanced design by the global standard. One of the important advantages of this design is that there is no need to drill the jaw bone during its implantation, which is the reason why more people choose this implant compared to other Korean implants.

Which is the best doctor to implant Sewon Medix implants?

Sewon Medics implant implantation is one of the effective treatment methods that has complex implementation factors. As a result, it needs a specialist doctor who has complete expertise in this field.

What are the steps of Sewon Medix implant implantation?

First stage: In this section, the dentist uses local anesthesia or general anesthesia to completely numb the tissues. Then, using tools, he examines the bone completely.

Second step: the bone is drilled using a drill to determine the exact position of the implant.

Third step: In this step, a pin or rod is placed inside the hole created on the bone. Due to the sensitivity of this step, the dentist sprays salt and water solution into the mouth during the work so that the bone tissue is not damaged during the drill.

Step 4: Using larger drills, the dentist widens the hole created in the bone so that the implant fits well. The larger the diameter of the implant, the more resistant it is.

Fifth step: Using the necessary equipment, the dentist creates a thread inside the bone to match the implant thread. Some implants have threads.

The sixth step: The implant is placed in its position. The dentist in Richmond Hill does this using a drill or hand wrench. At this stage, if the bone needs to be reconstructed, it is done with bone powder or bone graft.

Seventh step: They cover the implant with a cap so that it is completely closed from the outside. Then the gum tissue that was separated from the gum at the beginning of the surgery is returned to its original state and closed by sutures.

The dental implant is finished, now you have to wait a few months for the bone to fuse well with the implant.

All kinds of sewon medix products

Sewon Medix fixtures

The fixture or implant base is one of the main components of this treatment. A fixture is a part of this treatment that is surgically placed inside your jawbone and plays the role of your tooth root. Due to the high importance of fixtures and the impact they have on the treatment process, implant companies attach great importance to the design and manufacture of fixtures. Sewon Medix implant also has its fixture, which we will examine below.

Fixture IH2

The Sewon Medix implant fixture is called IH2. This fixture has a design and surface that increases its ability to perform your treatment. Your bones have different densities, one of which is bone and soft tissues, which, due to the design of this type of fixture, provide good initial stability in these tissues. These fixtures use SLA levels that can improve your treatment process.

Sewon Medix fixture surfaces

Fixture levels are one of the things that help your treatment and are of particular importance. Each implant company uses a specific type of surface for fixtures using its technologies. The levels of fixtures have a direct relationship with the length of treatment, the life of the treatment, and the percentage of treatment success, for this reason, implant companies have different levels. Sewon Medix Implant also uses a surface called SLA for its implants, which we will examine below.

Sewon Medix implant SLA levels

Sewon Medix implant surfaces are produced by two processes called sandblasting and acid etching, each of which provides a special feature to the fixtures. Each of these processes has its steps, which we will examine and explain below:

Sewon Medix implant sandblasting

Sandblasting is a method that is done using sand and an air compressor. In sandblasting, high-speed sand particles created by an air compressor hit the surface of the titanium fixture. The collision of coarse sand with fixture surfaces, which are usually made of titanium, causes a certain roughness in the fixture surfaces. The creation of this roughness causes the cells that are responsible for bone production to stick to the fixture surfaces more than before.

Sewon Medix H implant

Acid is one of the manufacturing processes of SLA surfaces, Swan Medix implants. We all know that acids have corrosive properties, that’s why fixtures are exposed to a special type of acid called H acid. All the processes described above create very small holes in the fixture.

Sewon guide surgical kit

One of the implant surgery kits is Sewon Medix. This kit has a color guide on it that helps the doctor perform a safe and accurate surgery. One of the positive points of this surgical kit is its high usability with minimal tools. Also, this kit can provide vibration-free surgery.

Sewon Medix Full Surgical Kit

Another surgical kit is the Sewon Medix implant, which has its characteristics. Full Kit, Swan Medics implant has a drill, in all lengths, which makes you able to use this kit in all parts of the mouth. If we want to say one of the advantages of this kit, we can mention the completeness of its equipment, which makes all fixtures of the IH implant series of Swan Medics to be placed in the patient’s mouth using this kit.

Expander surgical kit

This kit has a different application than other Swan Medics surgical kits. This kit can be used for thin bones or bone healing. One of the advantages of this surgical kit is to prevent the fixture from being placed crookedly, which is a very important and practical feature

Extra surgical kit

The Extra surgical kit also has its advantages like the previous Sewon Medix implant kits. As mentioned before, the bones have different qualities, and because of the cutting power of this kit, it can be used in all kinds of bone qualities. On the other hand, this kit can reduce the duration of surgery and increase the quality of surgery, which increases patient and doctor satisfaction. This kit has additional drills that have a special design. The design of these extra drills is based on IH fixture angles.

The advantage of using Sewon Medix implants

The material of this type of Korean implant is made of titanium, which is compatible with the patient’s body. On the other hand, with basic care and dental hygiene, this implant can be used for consecutive years.



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