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What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer is known as a common disease and is ranked as the sixth type of cancer. In general, cancer is an unplanned and uncontrollable growth of a cellular tissue. Oral cancer is being diagnosed and treated as a challenge in the category of oral diseases. Different parts of the face that are involved in oral cancer include: teeth, two-thirds of the tongue, the tissue of the lip lines, the area under the tongue, the roof of the mouth and parts of the oral cavity. In most studies, it has been shown that the main source of cancer is in the surface tissue of the tongue. In the following, we will tell the cause of oral cancer by the best oral, maxillofacial and oral disease specialist in Canada.

What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

Oral cancer initially develops in the form of white or red spots in the mouth. Sudden displacement of teeth and long-term abnormal bleeding from mouth ulcers are symptoms of oral cancer. Following these symptoms are stiffening of a large area of the tongue, changes in the appearance of the lips and mouth, ear pain and jaw pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, and vision problems are some of the more advanced symptoms of this disease. If you see it for more than two weeks, you should see an oral specialist immediately.

Causes of oral cancer

The incidence of oral cancer is higher in smokers and alcoholics than in other people. The occurrence of ulcers and malignant lesions of the mouth is also one of the causes of oral cancer. Another cause of oral cancer is the HPV virus or human papilloma virus, which are transmitted through sexual behavior and can be treated.

Early detection of oral cancer

Early detection of oral cancer prevents its progression and reduces the mortality rate. When you see the smallest suspicious factor, immediately go to an oral specialist to prevent it from further progressing by doing a biopsy (sampling) and treatment. In the process of observing a suspicious tumor, the only way to know is to check whether there are cancer cells in it or not.

What is oral cancer treatment?

First of all, for the treatment of oral cancer, it is better to do a check-up, and after diagnosing the presence of the disease, follow the follow-up stage and treat the suspected wound or tumor. Treatment of oral cancer is related to a wide range of different specialties, which is done with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and nutrition, and in some cases, psychology, care of the patient’s behavior. If the volume and size of the tumor in the mouth is small, it is treated with surgery and removal of the tumor with radiation therapy or chemotherapy. But if the size of the mass is larger, it requires more complex equipment and techniques to remove the mass. Take care of the health of your mouth, face and jaw by timely diagnosis and visiting an oral disease specialist.



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