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What is ips composite?

IPS dental composite is a type of restorative material that uses superior nano-hybrid technology and is produced by the German company Avoclar. This type of composite forms a new generation of dental veneers that can simultaneously provide restorative and beautifying functions for teeth.

Dental composite is a covering material that is used to restore and improve the appearance of teeth. This material is often combined from several different materials and attached to the tooth to resemble the shape, color, and structure of the natural tooth.

Dental composites are widely used to repair cracked, decayed, or broken teeth, correct gaps between teeth, and modify the shape or color of teeth. This material connects with the teeth with good adhesion and is used as a cosmetic and restorative solution in the field of creating a beautiful smile.

Unique features of IPS dental composite

This composite type has unique features that distinguish it from other dental restoration methods. Some of the outstanding features of iPS dental composite are:

1. Restoration of the beauty of teeth with high precision

iPS dental composite is capable of accurate and professional teeth restoration due to the nano-hybrid technology used. This restorative material offers the possibility of coloring the teeth with high precision and with perfect matching to the color of the original teeth, which gives the teeth the most natural appearance.

2. High resistance to pressure and impact

Another prominent feature of iPS dental composite is its high resistance to various pressures and impacts. This restorative material can cope with normal pressures and impacts that may be applied to the teeth in daily life.

3. High compatibility with dental tissues

iPS dental composite is well compatible with dental tissues and does not damage the teeth. This feature makes this type of restoration suitable for patients who need dental restorations because it does not cause any irritation or infection in the dental tissue.

Wide applications of EPS dental composite

iPS dental composite is used as a comprehensive solution for various dental problems. Some of the wide applications of this type of restoration are:

1. filling teeth

iPS dental composite is used to repair and fill various teeth with problems such as decay and fracture. By using this type of composite, it is possible to restore teeth with high precision without causing too much irritation in the dental tissue.

2. Dental cosmetic veneers

In addition to therapeutic restorations, iPS dental composite is also used as a coating method to improve the beauty of teeth. These veneers allow people to create beauty and match the color of the original teeth.

3. Repair of surface cracks and fractures

If the teeth have surface cracks or fractures, iPS dental composite can be used as a quick and effective solution to repair and fix these problems. Using this restorative material, the teeth will quickly return to their ideal state.

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