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What is glass ionomer?

It might be interesting for you to know what kind of materials dentists in Richmond Hill use to repair and restore broken and lost teeth due to caries. Tooth restoration is done in different ways and using different materials. One of these restorative materials in the dental industry is called glass ionomer. We will explain more about this material. Stay with us …

What is the use of glass ionomer?

This material is a type of dental cement that is used to restore teeth and also to repair children’s teeth. Glass ionomer cement is made of special compounds that are used for restorative treatments such as inlays and onlays, bridges and connecting crowns and veneers, as well as for bonding orthodontic brackets and tooth fillings. Glass ionomer for tooth filling has a pasty and flexible structure and seals the tooth.

This material is also used in the treatment of children’s tooth restoration, and a pediatric dentist restores teeth damaged by caries with glass ionomer. This Glass is the natural color of the tooth and creates a similar appearance to the tooth. Ionomer contains fluoride ions and helps protect teeth against decay. Other uses of Glasser Ionomer include the following:

  • Temporary tooth filling
  • Restoration of milk teeth
  • Decay around the gums

Advantages of restoration with glass ionomer

  • It is the same color as the teeth.
  • Releases fluoride.
  • It is bonded to the tooth without using glue.

Compared to composite, glass ionomer has the advantage of ease of use for tooth restoration. But with the difference that it is used for temporary tooth restoration and has less strength and durability than composite.


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