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What is fissure sealant in dentistry?

Fissure sealant is a material that is placed on the grooves of the teeth in the form of a protective layer and the same color as the tooth. The purpose of fissure sealant therapy is to reduce tooth decay. Fissure sealant is a treatment that is performed on molars. In the sealant fissure of a child’s tooth, the chewing surface of the tooth is covered so that the grooves on the surface of the teeth have less depth for the accumulation of food and prevent tooth decay. In children’s dentistry in Canada, sealant is used as a method to prevent tooth decay, but it is never a substitute for brushing and flossing and maintaining dental hygiene.

Stages of fissure sealant

First, the teeth are cleaned of any extra particles of food or plaque to be checked for health or the presence of decay. After that, the tooth will be dry and free of moisture, and the tooth must remain dry until the process is completed. The teeth are cleaned and washed with acid gel. Depending on the type of sealant, a thin layer is placed on the tooth and the entire surface of the tooth is covered with the solution using a brush. After that, light cure is used to harden the material on the tooth.

How long does dental sealant last?

Depending on the type of treatment and techniques used, the sealant will last between 3 and 10 years or even longer.

The factors that reduce the life of the sealant include:

  • Wear and clenching of teeth (grinding teeth)
  • Acid reflux
  • Using an acidic diet

How to take care of dental sealant?

  • It is better to use a soft toothbrush to clean the teeth that have been sealed.
  • Sealants on the teeth may change color due to excessive use of coffee and tea.
  • Note that if you use sticky food such as chewing gum, the tooth sealant may come off.

Adult sealant fissure

Usually, sealants are not used in adults, and using sealants for adults would not be a good idea because the tooth has been exposed to many bacteria over time, and the structure of tooth bacteria is such that they may still exist under the sealant. To use sealant in adults, it is necessary to shave and disinfect the grooves first.

For whom is dental sealant used?

  • Children whose teeth are at high risk of decay.
  • Children whose teeth have very deep grooves.
  • Children who have high consumption of sugar and drinks containing sugar.
  • Sealants are used for the teeth of children whose first molars (6 years old) and second molars (12 years old) have grown. The sooner the fissure sealant therapy is done, the less exposed the grooves are to decay.


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