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What is dentistry in a dream?

If you are one of those people who have dental phobia and have forgotten to take care of your dental health because of the fear of the dentist, in this article we will explain a solution that you can deal with the fear of going to the dentist in Canada and Get your teeth cleaned as soon as possible. Dental phobia is one of the most common fears among all people in the world, because of fear of dentistry, people face more complex problems and troubles. To deal with this problem, sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry (dental sedation) is a good solution to overcome the fear of dentistry.

Who is suitable for dentistry in sleep?

In dental sedation and sleep dentistry method, the use of sedative drugs that are approved by the FDA and will not have dangerous side effects, makes the person completely asleep under the supervision of an anesthetist to perform the dental treatment process. In dental sedation, all dental treatments such as nerve extraction, implant, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, etc. are performed. This method of treatment is also performed for weak and disabled people who have more tooth decay and gum infection.

Dental sedation in children

The process of pediatric dental sedation treatment (dentistry in sleep for children) by a pediatric dental specialist is such that the child is put to sleep under the supervision of an anesthetist with sleeping drugs while being with the parents, and after being transferred to the dental unit by a specialist doctor Children, the process of dental treatment begins with the dental method in sleep. During the entire treatment period, the state of health and consciousness is monitored by an anesthesiologist. After completing the dental treatment in sleep, the child is woken up and returns to normal with the parents.


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