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What is Damon orthodontics and why is it so popular?

Recently, the Damon system is more popular than other orthodontic methods. Why is this type of orthodontics so popular among people? What is Damon orthodontics and how is it different from other treatments? What are its benefits and why should we think about it? Find the answer to all these questions in the full article below.

What does Damon orthodontics mean?

Damon has created a great revolution in the field of orthodontics and experts believe that this orthodontic system is a kind of Rolls-Royce of the world of orthodontic braces. This bracket system is designed in such a way that it reduces the duration of the treatment and straightening of the teeth and the visit to the orthodontic specialist, and on the other hand, it saves time, money, and also provides more comfort for the patients. Damon’s braces help maintain better oral and dental hygiene, and because they adjust themselves most of the time, they greatly reduce the need for frequent visits to the dental clinic.

How does Damon Orthodontics work?

Unlike traditional and conventional metal braces in which the orthodontic arch wires pass through the metal brackets and the pressure required to straighten the teeth must be adjusted frequently by the specialist, in Damon orthodontics, the feature of the Damon bracket makes a The slide-like mechanism allows the special arched wire to move freely and adjust the pressure applied to the brackets and teeth.

In other words, instead of going to the specialist several times and until the end of the treatment period to adjust the arch wire, Damon’s bracket is adjusted so that after moving the teeth to a certain and predetermined amount, he left the wire free to move freely again and by applying another specific pressure, he pushed the teeth a little more towards straightening again. This continues until the teeth are straightened.

What is the difference between normal brace index and Damon orthodontics?

With these explanations, you can probably recognize the difference between regular fixed orthodontics and Demon orthodontics. As mentioned, the most important difference can be the reduction of pain caused by the displacement of teeth, because with the Damon bracket, a calculated pressure is applied to the teeth and the pain is much less.

What is the difference between other orthodontic methods and Damon orthodontics?

As you know, in simple fixed orthodontics, brackets are attached to the teeth. Then an arched wire is passed between the brackets. In order for the wire to be better connected to the brackets and anchored to them, O-rings or small ring-like elastics are used.

The problem with rubber O-rings is that they create too much friction and make tooth movement slower and more painful. They also attract a lot of moisture around them, which increases plaque and bacteria formation. This makes maintaining oral hygiene more difficult.

Damon bracket slide feature

But the Damon system has an internal slide with the ability to open and close, which locks the orthodontic wire. And it eliminates the need for those inefficient rubber O-rings. Because no rubber O-Rings are used, the Damon bracket greatly reduces friction and additional pressure on the teeth. Clinically, this advantage results in faster and easier tooth movement.

The Damon system also uses advanced wires that use little pressure to gently move the teeth, resulting in easier and more efficient tooth movement. Although Damon brackets are very different from lingual orthodontics, their cost is almost the same. And of course, it is very clear that the Damon bracket is a much more suitable option for correcting crookedness and misalignment of your teeth.

Adults and Transparent Damon Orthodontics

Compared to other fixed orthodontic systems, if you ask what is the biggest advantage of Damon orthodontics for adults? We will say that the transparent Damon orthodontic system is also available and if someone wants to have an invisible orthodontic, the transparent Damon will be the best option for him.

The benefits and advantages of this type of orthodontic system

Apart from the cost of Damon orthodontics, using the transparent method has many advantages, including more convenience, shorter treatment period and less need for adjustments. In a study conducted in 2006 by one of the prestigious American orthodontic centers, researchers compared the results of 132 orthodontic patients, 66 of whom were treated with Damon Braces and 66 who were treated with conventional braces.

The results of the study mentioned in the form of a short comparison

The results of this study showed that compared to conventional systems, Damon’s bracket has the following advantages:

  • Treatment time is reduced: patients under this system completed their treatment period an average of 7.2 months earlier than patients who were treated with conventional braces.
  • Fewer appointments: Damon patients required an average of 47.8 percent fewer visits to the orthodontist than those with conventional braces.
  • Better and faster results: The time needed to align teeth with conventional braces was 6.0 months, compared to 3.2 months for clients under Damon. Their difference was about 46.7%.
  • Greater comfort: Damon patients reported an average of 60 percent less discomfort than patients treated with conventional braces.
  • Quality of Results: The quality of Damon’s results was consistently excellent.
  • Good response and greater patient satisfaction: Patient acceptance and enthusiasm for the Damon technique was exceptional and very positive.

In addition to these cases, Damon Clear orthodontics improves the oral and dental health of patients due to the ease of brushing, making them an ideal option for those who do not brush often.

Complete familiarization with the installation steps of the transparent Daemon bracket

According to other orthodontic methods, the installation of the Demon bracket also requires certain steps, which you will learn from 0 to 100 below:

1. Imaging

In order to design your unique smile, we will take a photo of your mouth in the first step. Photographing allows us to observe the exact position of the teeth, the extent of their crookedness, and estimate what force and what system is needed to make your teeth regular and uniform. Then we take a mold of your teeth to prepare the best Damon brackets based on the condition of your teeth.

The state-of-the-art technology available in our clinic allows us to adjust the placement of brackets and tailor patient treatment to a degree never before possible. By customizing braces, we provide a quick, painless treatment for mesh that restores beauty to your smile.

2. Connect the daemon bracket

Typically, fitting your braces takes up to an hour during one appointment. This appointment consists of cleaning the teeth, attaching brackets to the teeth, and then placing a custom and special arched wire.

This special wire, which uses new technologies to make it, provides the necessary force to straighten your teeth. After completing the braces connection, we will give you complete recommendations about the system and how to maintain and care for it.

3. Settings

 After the initial setup, we will schedule your next setup. Damon braces require fewer adjustments than regular braces, and your next appointment is to change the arch wire and check the progress of straightening your teeth.

4. Removing the braces

Damon Claire orthodontics requires less time to achieve a perfect smile than conventional braces, and the length of treatment depends on your individual circumstances. After achieving the desired result, your brace will be removed. After removing the Damon orthodontics, you must use an orthodontic retainer for a certain period of time to maintain the position of your straightened teeth.

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