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What is an overdenture?

Overdenture is a new method in which artificial teeth are fixed on a base. Overdentures have many advantages over artificial teeth, such as that they do not slip and a person will have more chewing power to eat hard foods. The cost of overdenture varies based on the number of teeth and implant bases used.

Types of overdentures

Implant-based overdenture:

An implant-based overdenture is supported only by the implants so that the complete dentures are either attached to the implants in the jaw with attachments or placed on top of them through telescopic crowns. In overdenture based on implants, usually about 4 to 6 implants must be implanted in the jaw, the number of which is determined by the dentist in Ottawa according to the force and pressure applied to each implant. Then, depending on the doctor’s opinion, a type of bar, ball, or magnet attachment is placed on the implants to prepare the artificial teeth prosthesis. Finally, the crown of the artificial tooth, which usually includes all the teeth, is placed on the denture attachment.

Overdenture based on gum tissue:

In the overdenture based on the gum tissue, the dental prosthesis is placed directly on the gums by riding on the implants planted in the upper and lower jaw. Connections are considered in this type of mobile overdenture, which completely matches the implants and remains fixed until the patient wants to take them out of his mouth. Of course, an overdenture based on gum tissue is the most similar type of overdenture to traditional artificial teeth and has the minimum standards required for patients who have lost all their teeth.

Overdenture based on implants and gums:

In an overdenture based on implants and gums, a dental prosthesis is placed on the gums using two implants that are usually implanted instead of canines or molars. In overdenture based on implants and gums, a rod that connects the implants is usually used as a dental prosthesis location. For this reason, that type of artificial tooth implant is also called a bar overdenture.

What are the advantages of overdenture

1- Durability and long life

2- Feeling more comfortable

3- Preserving the structure of the face

4_ Preventing jawbone degeneration


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