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What is an orthodontic face mask?

Orthodontics is one of the cosmetic dental treatments. This treatment is done to solve the problems and abnormalities of the person’s jaw and teeth. One of the applications of orthodontics in correcting defects in children’s jaws is a face mask. If some jaw and teeth abnormalities are neglected during childhood, their treatment will be much more difficult and at a much higher cost in the future.

Diagnosing a child’s jaw problem

There is no need for very difficult tests to see if your child has jaw and mouth problems. To ensure that your child’s jaw is healthy, just tell him to put his teeth together. Check your child’s teeth face-to-face. Usually, the teeth of the upper jaw should be slightly ahead of the teeth of the lower jaw, or the teeth of the upper and lower jaw should completely match each other. If the state of your child’s jaw is out of these two states, be sure to visit a pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill. This is to ensure that your child’s jaw is healthy.

Factors that cause jaw and mouth disorders?

Several factors cause jaw and teeth disorders in children. In the following, we will tell you some of the most important things that cause jaw and teeth disorders in children.

Bad Habits in Childhood

A series of things that are done by a person in childhood and this problem causes disorders. For example, the following can be mentioned.

  • Prolonged thumb-sucking.
  • Prolonged use of pacifiers.
  • Pressing the back of the tooth with the tongue.
  • Long-term bottle feeding.

Genetic factors

In some people, this is due to genetic issues. Genetic factors play a role in determining the jaw shape, shape, and size of a person’s teeth.


Any kind of blow to the face may cause serious and permanent damage to the jawbone. Although it is possible to repair broken bones, in some cases, the bones may not return to their original shape and alignment after surgery.


The presence of a tumor in the jawbone or the mouth may cause the jaw to move forward.

What is a face mask?

The face mask is one of the devices used in children’s orthodontic treatment. This device is used to treat jaw deformity. Its direct effect is on the lower jaw. The face mask guides the jaws. In it, he pushes the lower jaw down and back and turns it back.

Face mask components

Orthodontic face mask usually consists of three main components:

  • head cap
  • face frame
  • Headgear fittings


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