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What is an oral cyst?

Oral cysts are bumps that appear around or inside the mouth. Oral cysts are fluid-containing tissues that sometimes have clear elements and in others are purulent and contain infection and abscess. Oral cyst or jaw cyst may affect other tissues inside the mouth, in which case a person should refer to an oral disease specialist and a specialist in oral and maxillofacial lesions in Canada as soon as he feels a suspicious mass in the mouth.

What is the cause of mouth and jaw cyst?

One of the most common causes of cysts in the mouth is the infection of the dental pulp and root, which can be controlled with treatment. Oral cysts have many causes that may be caused by various factors:

  • Abnormal growth of teeth, tooth tissue and formation of oral cysts in children or oral cysts in infants.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Remaining cyst remnants after cyst removal and surgery.
  • A blow that causes a blood clot in the jawbone.
  • If the size of the cyst is large, it causes crooked and displaced teeth.
  • Cysts are sometimes painless, but infected cysts or dental pulp cysts may be painful.
  • Cysts can sometimes replace bone tissue and make the jaw fragile.

For the cause of oral cysts and the treatment of intraoral cysts, you should consult an oral and maxillofacial specialist to prevent more serious consequences in the future.

Types of oral cysts

There are different types of cysts inside the mouth, but the most common oral cysts include the following:

  • Periapical cyst: It is a type of dental cyst that forms in the root of the tooth as an oral and infectious cyst.
  • Odontogenic cyst: This type of dental cyst is formed in the jaw bone and does not cause any complications before it grows and becomes bigger, but if not treated, it may damage the jaw bone and teeth.
  • Dentigerous cyst: This cyst may grow in the wisdom tooth area and in some cases this cyst will lead to oral cancer.
  • Mucocele cyst: This cyst is formed in the soft tissue of the mouth, such as the inside of the cheeks and lips.

Oral cyst treatment

Oral and maxillofacial disease specialist and oral lesions specialist first examines the factors that cause damage to the cyst and by collecting images and tests, he finds out the size and extent of the oral cyst. A dentist specializing in oral cancer examines and examines all factors of cyst infection and by taking samples, diagnoses the type of cyst or mass and starts the treatment process.


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