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What is an All-on-4 implant?

Dental implants have changed a lot over time and are currently considered the most popular tooth replacement method and are suitable for almost everyone. But people often have the misconception that the All-on-4 implant is a very painful procedure. Do you also have thoughts? If yes, then reading this article can be of great help and also give you a different perspective.

If you have several missing teeth, choosing the All-on-4 implant is the right method, as you must have several features in terms of oral and dental health.

  • You must have a healthy jawbone
  • You must observe oral hygiene
  • You should avoid smoking
  • You must have healthy gums

All on 4 implant placement is not painful at all if done under the supervision of a dental professional, and the process does not take more than 2 hours.

All on 4 recovery process

Recovery from the All-on-4 implant procedure is not long and can be quick if done correctly. But taking a few steps can make this treatment a huge success.

Take care of your oral hygiene

After flossing or brushing, reduce contact with sensitive gums. This will help prevent the surgical sutures from becoming disturbed, and in turn, reduce the likelihood of severe pain. To keep the wound clean, it is recommended to wash it with salt water.

For future visits, visit

It is important to visit the dentist in Canada for follow-up visits after treatment. This visit provides an opportunity for the dentist to access the healing rate and progress of the implant after surgery. There are times when patients with slight discomfort in the area of the jawbone may move while it fuses with the implant. Although this may not cause pain, it should be addressed as soon as possible. An appointment with a dentist will help with this.


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