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What is Airflow? Advantages and cost of dental scaling with airflow

Accumulation of plaque and bacteria in your mouth increases the risk of gum disease. As gum disease progresses, your teeth will lose strength and may eventually fall out. Dental plaque causes dents in your teeth and destroys their health. It is in these cases that the scaling of the teeth with airflow or airflow will help. In general, over the years, all kinds of foods and drinks cause staining and discoloration of the teeth.

When is dental scaling necessary?

Everyone experiences some form of plaque buildup. Saliva, bacteria, and proteins in your mouth form a thin layer that almost always covers your teeth. When you eat, tiny particles, acids, and sugars from food stick to this layer and create a build-up on the tooth called plaque. Bacteria that live in this plaque can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing, flossing, and cleaning teeth regularly will help remove plaque and prevent more serious problems.

If you have healthy gums, this tissue fits tightly around the tooth and removes plaque. However, if gum disease begins to develop, this tissue becomes loose. Healthy gums attach to the teeth only 1 to 3 mm below the gum line. With gum disease, deeper pockets are created. These sacs can fill up with plaque, making your problems worse and causing symptoms like bad breath.

What is Airflow?

Airflow is one of the most advanced and easiest methods of treating gum disease and dental hygiene. In fact, with the help of Airflow, teeth staining is done. This method is a modern scalding method that has replaced traditional scalding methods.

Scaling of teeth with the help of airflow

This method is based on the latest technologies. In this method, with the help of compressed air, sodium bicarbonate, glycine powder, and a jet stream with mild water pressure, stains are removed and the stains and plaques created on the teeth are removed. The Airflow method completely removes stains and masses from the surface of the teeth, above and below the gum line; Also, by doing it, a complete health prevention will be created for you. With this method, you can completely remove stains caused by tea, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

After stain removal with this method, your smile will be more beautiful and you will have more beautiful teeth, and the results of the work will be visible immediately.

With the help of the airflow method, you can have healthy and beautiful teeth.

Is scaling with airflow powder better or regular teeth cleaning?

In Airflow stain removal, air and water flow are used and plaques and stains are removed from the teeth and gums up to a depth of 5 mm. Also, using sodium bicarbonate and glycine powder will make your teeth shine.

Cleaning and regular dental cleanings do not clean the teeth so deeply. In addition to this, daily and normal cleaning causes the top layers of the teeth to wear down. With the help of the Airflow method, you can clean implants, veneers, bridges, dental orthodontics, etc. gently and without damage. People who are against other health procedures that are performed with metals; are sensitive, this method is a good option for them because it uses a strong flow of air and water.

Now there are also airflow hygiene powders that have different flavors like mint. These powders and their flavors are pleasant. Also, this method is painless and the patient feels comfortable with it.

Maintaining dental hygiene with the help of airflow, for people who have tooth and gum sensitivities; is suitable. In daily cleaning methods, heat and vibrations occur that increase sensitivity. In this dental hygiene technology, there is no vibration, pressure, or heat generation.

The removal of stains and masses with this method is three times more than the usual methods in dentistry. In addition, the teeth are cleaned with much less damage. It is highly recommended to use this method to clean teeth before orthodontic sessions.

The airflow cleaning method does not interfere with tooth bonding. Stains and plaques are removed very quickly and effectively.

Avoidance of the Airflow scaling method

  • This method is safe for children and adults, its effectiveness is fully proven. However, there are conditions and cases in which it is better to avoid airflow. For people with respiratory diseases such as asthma or lung infections; this method should be avoided. Because with this method, their diseases get worse. It is better to avoid this method for patients with severe oral inflammation.
  • pregnancy
  • Lactating women
  • Middle-aged people; because the tooth enamel is very thin in them.
  • The presence of extensive caries in the teeth
  • Repaired composites
  • Children under 10 may eat it.

It is forbidden for pregnant women to remove stains with the help of Airflow.

  Before and after Airflow

Using Airflow removes all stains. You can also use it to remove stains caused by drugs. After doing this procedure, you will have shiny, beautiful, and healthy teeth. Some spots such as birthmarks and fluorosis may not be removed in this method.

What are the advantages of scaling teeth with airflow?

  • painless
  • Effective in removing all kinds of stains
  • Fast and effective
  • It is done without any damage to the teeth.
  • It is suitable for sensitive teeth.
  • Cleaning and polishing the teeth are done together.
  • Without damaging prostheses, implants, veneers, and bridges.
  • It has antibacterial effects.
  • It is suitable during orthodontics and without damage.

Alternative methods for airflow:

In traditional and manual scaling, the operator removes deposits and tooth stains with his hands and tools. There are also electric and ultrasonic degreasing methods that are done with electric devices.

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