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What is a Straumann dental implant?

Straumann implant is a type of dental implant that is known as one of the best and most effective dental implants in the world.

This company started operating in 1945 and is known in most countries due to its advanced technology and the use of quality raw materials in its products.

Learn more about Straumann dental implants:

Currently, various brands from all over the world are producing dental implants, and meantime, the Straumann dental implant is one of the best implants produced in the dental industry and is made by the Swiss Straumann company.

Using modern technology and its special design, this implant provides the ability to replace natural teeth with very high quality and durability for patients. Using high-quality materials, precise design, and advanced technology, this implant is very effective in reducing the risk of infection and higher body acceptance of the implant.

Also, this implant can easily replace old or broken teeth, and to maintain it, it must be taken care of in the same way as natural teeth.

However, we suggest you implant Straumann dental implant in a reputable center, and before implanting, get the proper packaging of this brand, because some centers may use fake implants for you.

What is the material of the Straumann dental implant?

Straumann dental implant is made of titanium. The titanium base is placed inside the jawbone and acts like a natural tooth root. The reason for using titanium is that the body is compatible with this metal, as a result, the gums and jaw bone do not reject the implant and heal quickly.

Titanium is quickly bonded to the jaw bone tissue and poses no danger to the person.

Titanium binds well with body tissue and is considered the most biocompatible metal. This metal is used to make parts such as artificial hips or kneecaps.

Titanium does not corrode when mixed with body fluids and therefore does not cause complications.

Types of Straumann implants?

1: Straumann titanium implant:

According to the research conducted by Stroman company, among all those who were implanted by Straumann titanium implants, about 96% satisfaction has been obtained after 5 years.

2: Straumann rexolid implant

In solid implants, Straumann company has tried to produce smaller implants with new technology to reduce the amount of invasion of the tooth or the return of the implant, also this implant has more strength than titanium implants which The cases have welcomed many people under treatment.

In the Straumann implant with solid technology, it is possible to produce smaller implants, which have reduced the amount of tooth invasion and implant return and have high strength compared to titanium implants, this unique feature makes it more successful in treatment. And it has been trusted by customers.

The solid alloy has very high efficiency and is made of 15% conium and 85% titanium, high tensile strength, along with the proper connection of the implant with the bone, has reduced the invasiveness of the implant, and due to its small size, it has reduced the need for bone reconstruction.

3: Straumann active implant

Selactive implant provides the capability of faster treatment and proper welding of the implant with the bone, even in areas with less suitable and more dangerous conditions.

This implant is excellent hydrophilic, which has created the ability for rapid recovery for patients and increased the length of treatment from eight to twelve weeks to four to eight weeks.

In slactive implants, since this implant is delivered to the dentist in Kingston in a pack with liquid, it can be started molding after two weeks because the liquid in the pack makes the implant active before implantation.

What are the advantages of the Straumann implant?

  • Reduced invasiveness and lower implant return percentage

In Straumann implants, due to the use of a liquid substance called Rexolide, which the implant is in a special pack inside this liquid, and also due to the smaller size of the implant, the possibility of implant invasion or implant return is much less.

  • Faster recovery and guaranteed success in treatment

In Straumann Slactive implants, the post-implantation treatment process is done faster and causes the implant surface to improve and bond sooner, which brings the guarantee and guarantee of implant success to the clients.

  • Extremely unique and natural beauty

In Straumann implants, due to the presence of a soft surface, the natural stimulation of the tooth is created in a completely perceptible and attractive way, and the design of this style of implants is such that it creates a very good order and harmony with its abutment, and the least damage is done to the implant tissue.

  • Smoother planting due to excellent design

Connections such as LaximTM and CrossFit have been used for the implantation of Straumann implants. That is, by using the above tools, the dentist can determine the location of the implant and the most suitable angle for implantation, these internal connections make the coordination between the implant and the abutment easier.

The internal 15-degree cone causes more flexibility and the 4 internal grooves increase the positioning of the implant components. According to the diameter of the implant, the dentist uses Crossfit in normal or narrow size and Laxim components also provide the possibility for the doctor to place the implant without using special tools and only with the help of his hand, which can enable more accurate placement of the implant.

Due to the good material used in Stroman implants, these implants cause fewer gum diseases for the patient.

  • Ability to restore and repair

Straumann implants are repairable and do not need to be replaced in most cases in case of failure

  • Biological compatibility

5 important principles have been taken into account in the construction of Straumann implants, which cause stability in soft tissue:

  • Controlling the process of natural bone growth and repair
  • Compliance with biological distances
  • Proper and accurate positioning of rough and polished surfaces
  • Control of microgaps
  • Appropriate force transmission through biomechanical implant design


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