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What is a pulpectomy?

Inside each tooth is a set of nerves, tissue and blood vessels called dental pulp. When the teeth suffer from decay due to lack of proper oral hygiene, the layer of tooth enamel that covers the outer surface of the tooth is damaged and this damage causes the decay to penetrate into the deeper layers of the tooth. In these cases, the internal cavity of the tooth and the pulp itself get infected, the treatment of which is dental pulpectomy. Pulpectomy is a part of the emergency treatment of the root of the tooth (nerve extraction), the process of which is that the root canal of the tooth is emptied, the purpose of the pulpectomy treatment is to treat the infected pulp and prevent the spread of infection and tooth loss.

How is pulpectomy treatment performed?

In the treatment of pulpectomy, which is a part of the emergency treatment of the tooth root (nerve removal), the damaged parts of the dental pulp are removed. After the pulpectomy treatment, which is a part of denervation and root canal treatment, the tooth cavity is cleaned and disinfected after evacuation, and finally it is filled with special dental materials. At this stage, the tooth canal is closed against the penetration of bacteria and pollution.

What is the difference between pulpectomy and pulpotomy?

Both pulpotomy and pulpectomy are performed to save and preserve decayed and infected teeth. With the difference that in pulpotomy, only the part of the infected pulp in the crown of the tooth is removed, but in pulpectomy, the entire pulp of the tooth canal is removed and the part of the root pulp is filled with special materials.

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