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What is a mini implant?

A dental implant is one of the best dental implant methods today. Implants are improving every day. Mini implants have the same structure as regular implants, but they are slightly smaller.

Mini-implants have newer techniques than regular implants, and in fact, the shortcomings of traditional implants have been eliminated. Even mini implants have less pain and bleeding.

What are the advantages of mini implants?

  • The treatment process is less complicated
  • Less pain and bleeding
  • Less recovery time
  • Minimally invasive method
  • Less treatment length
  • Fewer complications
  • Lower cost of treatment

But mini implants also have limitations:

  • Using mini-implant for all people and under any circumstances is impossible.
  • Less strength than conventional implants
  • Lifespan less than normal implant

Size of mini implants:

The mini implant is the diameter of a toothpick. And if the jaw bone is weakened, this option is also an excellent treatment.

Longevity of mini-implants

Mini-implants are not a long-term solution and their lifespan is shorter than regular implants. If you want to prolong the life of your treatment, it is better to consult with your dentist in Mississauga to choose the best treatment plan for you.

The lifespan of mini-implants varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Osteoporosis or other bone diseases
  • smoking
  • Lack of implant care
  • Alcohol or drug abuse


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