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What is a gummy smile?

The fit between the size and shape of the teeth as well as the size between the gums and lips is one of the principles of smile design correction in cosmetic dentistry in Canada. Examples of the causes of a gummy smile include the following:

  • Placement of gums over the standard size on the teeth
  • The crown of the teeth is short
  • The short size of the upper lip or the contraction of the upper lip when smiling may reduce the ratio of beauty and attractiveness of a smile.
  • The position of the upper jaw (the front of the upper jaw) which may have an effect when smiling and displaying excessive gums.

All the mentioned things have an effect on people’s self-confidence when they smile. Correcting a gummy smile is a measure that is measured in relation to the size of the gum on the tooth. Normally, if the size of the gum compared to the teeth is more than 3 or 4 mm, it is called a gummy smile, and gummy smile treatment is performed according to the person’s request. In the following, we will talk about the types of gum smile treatment and how to correct the gum when smiling…

Types of methods to correct gummy smile design

In the treatment of gummy smile and to correct the smile, there are illegal methods such as surgery or non-surgery, which include:

Correcting a gummy smile with orthodontics: In this method, depending on the position of the teeth or if the position of the teeth is further from the jaw than usual, the gums may be more and more prominent than usual when smiling. In the treatment of gummy smile with invisible orthodontics, it is also possible to treat the way the teeth are placed in the size of the jaw, so that a smaller amount of the gums can be seen when smiling.

Correcting a gummy smile with gum surgery: In this method, the gum surgeon removes excess tissue on the tooth by performing a gingivectomy to reveal more of the tooth and crown.

Correction of gummy smile with laser: In this method, the dentist removes the excess tissue of the gums with a laser and shapes the remaining amount around the teeth in the correct position.

Increasing the length of the tooth crown: In this method, the extra part of the gum is removed to reveal more of the tooth crown. Gum surgery in this method is done in such a way that the crown part of the teeth is not clear and is hidden by the gum tissue.

What are the benefits of gum smile correction?

Increasing self-confidence in a person and improving the beauty of a smile and many times the beauty of the teeth when smiling is one of the benefits of a gummy smile.


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