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What is a dental midline? | Correction of misalignment of the midline of the teeth

Midline or inconsistency of the middle line of the teeth is called a symmetrical line that divides the teeth of the upper jaw and lower jaw into two equal and symmetrical parts. Midline deviation occurs when the midline of the teeth are not aligned and the arch of one of the jaws is deviated, which is called malocclusion. In other words, if the midline in the arch of the jaws is not formed into two equal parts, the midline has occurred. Midline or inconsistency in the middle line of the teeth is sometimes a genetic factor, and at other times it is due to jaw problems and deviations, tooth loss and tooth movement, improper placement of milk or permanent teeth, and teeth clutter. Midline deviation of more than 4 mm needs treatment.
Correcting the midline misalignment of the midline in people under the age of puberty can be solved with orthodontic treatment, and in people after the age of puberty, it will be accompanied by simultaneous treatment of jaw surgery with orthodontics.

Treatment of midline, misalignment of the midline of the teeth

Midline disorder or misalignment of the middle line of the teeth is an important point that plays an important role in the beauty of the face and smile, so it needs correction and treatment.

Diagnosing the position of the teeth and the cause of the Medline disorder requires a detailed treatment plan such as orthodontic treatment by a jaw and teeth abnormality specialist and an orthodontist.

 Orthodontic treatment is a suitable method to correct the position of the teeth, and to correct the midline or midline inconsistency of the teeth in the orthodontic process, the health of the gums should be checked so that no problems arise during the orthodontic treatment.

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