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What is a baby tooth?

Sometimes a newborn baby may have several teeth. Some babies have one or more teeth in their mouth from birth, which are called natal teeth. Baby teeth are seen in the baby’s mouth during the first 30 days of birth, and because their roots have not fully grown and developed, they are mostly loose. Follow us with the answers to the questions of what is a baby tooth and what to do when faced with a baby tooth.

A baby tooth is a tooth that is present at birth. This tooth is not one of the common cases and in 10% of cases, we may see this happening. Natal teeth are extra teeth that are added to natural teeth. Baby teeth usually start to grow from six months of age and are in pairs in the lower jaw, but front natal teeth are the only teeth that can be seen in the canines and molars. Natal teeth are similar to normal teeth and are soft and small in appearance and often yellowish. Baby teeth are loose because they have no roots, but they are completely healthy.

Are baby teeth or natal teeth dangerous?

Don’t worry if you encounter a tooth scene in your baby’s mouth! Instead of worrying, it is better to take the child to the pediatrician so that you know about the possible risks and complications. Usually, the doctor examines the following issues so that there are no problems for the health of the child and the mother: Include the following points:

Soreness of the tongue: tooth brushing may come into contact with the surface of the tongue and cause sores on the tongue. At this time, the child will be restless and will not want to breastfeed.

Difficulty in feeding: the child may have problems while sucking and may refuse to do so due to pain or toothache.

Risk of suffocation: As we said, the tooth may be loose and there is a possibility that it will come out and cause suffocation.

Since these teeth are natural and have erupted from the gums early, if there is no problem when feeding or otherwise, there is no need to do any additional measures. You can keep these teeth until 6 years old. In some situations, baby teeth or natal teeth may need treatment or if they are loose, if the teeth are sharp, the sharp edges of the teeth can be removed by using band resin so that they do not get injured due to the wear of the mother’s tongue and breast. If these teeth do not have any special problems, just take care of them like milk teeth so that they do not rot. Again, you can consult a dentist in Ottawa to be sure.



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