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What do you know about protrusion?

Some people have a little gap between their upper and lower jaws so that their upper jaw is ahead of their lower jaw. The chin of these people looks smaller than normal. This state is called protrusion.

Tooth protrusion can easily have negative effects on the quality of a person’s speech. The negative effects of protruding teeth on the face are also significant, in such a way that the part of a person’s teeth appears larger than usual in their voice. It can also cause appearance problems and lower self-confidence in a person. Improvement of facial beauty is usually the most important concern of patients with tooth extraction.

What is a protrusion?

  Protrusion means protrusion. When the teeth have changed from their normal state, such that they are pushed forward or protruded, it is said that tooth protrusion has occurred. This discussion is mostly about protruding upper teeth. In the following, you will get to know the most important types of protruding teeth in the upper jaw, their causes, and how to treat them.

Types of maxillary tooth protrusion

In total, in 3 cases, the teeth of the upper jaw should be placed in front of the teeth of the lower jaw. We will explain these three modes below.


This condition occurs when the upper jaw is horizontally more than 5 mm ahead of the lower jaw and the upper jaw teeth cover the lower jaw teeth relatively.


It is the same as overbite, with the difference that the teeth of the upper jaw are vertically more than 5 mm away from the teeth of the lower jaw.


When there is a gap between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed.

The cause of protruding upper teeth

As mentioned above, we have three protrusion models. The cause of teeth protrusion depends on its type and shape. For example, overbite and overjet are mainly caused by genetic and heredity issues. But open bite can have reasons other than genetics.

Here are some of the most important non-genetic causes of protruding upper teeth:

  • Excessive thumb sucking in children, which over time creates a gap between the upper and lower teeth.
  • The small size of the jaw is due to the lack of enough space for the proper growth of the teeth.
  • The large size of the teeth and the normal size of the jaws
  • Crowding of teeth in the upper jaw
  • Getting hit in the face
  • mouth breathing

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