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What are benign oral tumors?

Benign oral tumors are non-cancerous lesions that grow very slowly and do not spread to other parts of the body. Benign oral lesions occur in parts of the gums, on the tongue, roof of the mouth, cheeks or other parts and make eating and drinking difficult. In most cases, benign mouth ulcers may be accompanied by bleeding and pain. Smoking is one of the causes of benign tumors in the mouth. The oral diseases specialist has announced a ban on smoking for people to prevent more serious diseases in the mouth or mouth cancer.

How to identify benign oral tumors

The first step, as soon as you feel the presence of a mass in the mouth or a cyst in the mouth, is to visit an oral disease specialist and a dentist specializing in oral lesions in Canada. If there is a suspicious oral mass, the oral cyst specialist diagnoses the type of benign oral tumors by examining and performing tests on the sampled tissue and then treats it.

Types of benign oral tumors

  • Fibroma: A hard lump in the mouth that is attached to the inner tissue of the mouth. The appearance of fibroma is smooth or round and is present in different parts of the mouth.
  • Lipoma: A type of fat mass in the mouth that grows slowly.
  • Lymphangioma: It is a lymphoid mass of swollen vessels.
  • Benign bone tumors: the origin of these types of tumors is in the vessel.
  • Hyperplasia: This type of mass is due to increased production of cells. Its origin is in the mouth.
  • Pleomorphic adenoma: This type of benign salivary tumor is slow growing.



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