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Using new technologies in dentistry

In today’s dynamic and technology-oriented world, rapid and significant developments in various fields have led to many changes in human methods and behaviors. The field of dentistry has not been separated from these changes and with the introduction of technology, it has become a more modern, efficient, and practical field. In the meantime, therapeutic applications and mobile technologies play an important role in improving dental care and patient experience in the field of dentistry.

Therapeutic applications, as one of the dynamic and efficient examples of technology in dentistry, allow patients to learn the correct methods of dental cleaning by taking advantage of the modern facilities of the applications and taking care of their teeth and mouth regularly and consistently. These applications with advanced capabilities such as daily and weekly follow-up of dental care and creating detailed reports allow patients to continue their care and are considered by dentists and doctors as a valuable tool to follow up and evaluate the best results in restoring and maintaining oral health.

In addition, mobile technologies in dentistry are also associated with special advantages. Among these technologies, transparent orthodontic devices and smart dental devices can be mentioned. Transparent orthodontic devices use transparent skeletons without the need to use metal skeletons to straighten teeth and bring a very beautiful and natural-looking result to patients. Also, smart devices equipped with artificial intelligence diagnose and treat dental problems more efficiently and accurately, including the creation of customized treatment plans and intelligent follow-up of dental care.

Also, the impact and role of these technologies in improving dental care can be seen dramatically. By using these technologies, you can detect your dental problems in the early stages and prevent more serious problems. This will help you save time and money to treat dental problems and take better care of your teeth.

In summary, this article examines therapeutic applications and mobile technologies in dentistry in three parts and examines their positive impact on improving dental care and patient experience. Also, the role of these technologies in reducing dental problems and increasing patient satisfaction is discussed.

First part: Therapeutic applications

Are you looking for a healthy and beautiful smile? Do you want to make taking care of your teeth and mouth an interesting and exciting experience? If your answer is yes, by entering the world of smart applications, you will get the best dental care with pleasure and excitement. Treatment applications, like your smart dentist, will be with you so that with advanced tips and features, dental care becomes a simple, enjoyable, and attractive issue.

Examples of therapeutic applications

Colgate Connect

Colgate Connect was developed by the famous and reliable Colgate company, which has a long history in the dental industry. With the help of experts and professional dentists, this application provides the best educational content and guidance to help you learn better dental cleaning methods and benefit from the best techniques for brushing and flossing.

Among the attractive features of this application, the following can be mentioned:

  • Image tutorials and educational videos: Using images and educational videos, this application teaches you practical and valuable tips about dental cleaning and oral care. This educational method is very attractive and easy for people who pay more attention to visual methods.
  • Daily and Weekly Dental Care Tracking: Colgate Connect allows you to track your dental care on a daily and weekly basis. You can learn about your comprehensive dental care reports and improve your care.
  • Communication with the dentist: Through this application, you can easily communicate and receive professional advice from your dentist. This feature is very important because it is very valuable to be able to communicate directly with the dentist in case of emergency or consultation.


With the “Oral-B” smart application from the popular Oral-B brand, you will get a dentist who is always with you. This exciting and practical application offers you a unique experience of dental care by providing many benefits. In the following, we have discussed some of the advantages of this application on a case-by-case basis:

  1. Specialized toothbrushing training: With “Oral-B”, access the best brushing and dental cleaning methods using images and educational videos. These detailed and up-to-date tutorials will guide you in improving brushing techniques that will bring better and more lasting results.
  2. Smart care follow-up: Using the “Oral-B” application, you can easily follow your dental care on a daily and weekly basis. This smart tracking allows you to improve your brushing and dental care skills and achieve better oral health results.
  3. Customized treatment plans: Through “Oral-B”, you can set up customized treatment plans for yourself. These programs are created based on your needs and dental condition, and you can always be under appropriate and targeted care to achieve the best results in maintaining oral and dental health.
  4. Communication with the dentist: The “Oral-B” application allows you to communicate directly with your dentist. By communicating directly with your dentist, you can get professional advice and get the best solutions for your dental problems.
  5. Better results and a healthier smile: By using the “Oral-B” smart application, you will achieve better results in maintaining oral hygiene. This application will help you achieve the best results in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

With the exciting features of the “Oral-B” app, dentistry becomes a unique and enjoyable experience that improves your dental care to a new level of efficiency and advancement. This application allows you to enjoy every moment of your dental visit thanks to its exciting intelligence and go on a special amazing journey in dentistry!

Part II: Mobile technologies in dentistry

With the advancement of mobile technologies, dentistry has also been significantly affected, and unique possibilities have been created to improve dental care. By improving treatment methods, ease of use, and providing better results, these technologies have turned the dental experience into a new and exciting stage for patients. Here are two examples of these mobile technologies in dentistry:


This application is one of the most successful technologies in dentistry that has introduced transparent orthodontics to the medical world in an innovative way. This application allows you to arrange your teeth using fine skeletons without the need to use traditional metal skeletons and achieve the best results in orthodontic treatment.

Its advantages can be said:

  1. Transparency and imperceptibility: One of the biggest advantages of using Invisalign is the transparency of the skeletons and their imperceptibility in the mouth. This application uses transparent and metal-free skeletons that allow you to feel invisible during treatment. This feature is very important for people who want to show themselves to others with more confidence and self-confidence during the treatment period.
  2. Comfort and ease of use: Invisalign braces are very comfortable and light, reducing the possibility of fear and discomfort during use. As a mobile app, Invisalign allows you to easily attach the braces to your mouth and use them comfortably throughout the day.
  3. Compatibility with lifestyle: The Invisalign app allows you to deal with your routine behaviors and habits during treatment. You can take skeletons out of your mouth during job interviews, parties, and even in professional sports.
  4. Combined with intelligent control: the Invisalign app allows you to continue your treatment in a more thoughtful and controlled way. Using this application, you can control your treatment process and achieve the best results.
  5. Better and faster results: The Invisalign application, by combining artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, allows you to achieve better and faster results in orthodontic treatment. With the help of this mobile application, the arrangement of the teeth is done in the best possible way and the need for subsequent restorations is minimized.

In short, the Invisalign application helps to achieve the best results in orthodontic treatment and create a beautiful smile and more self-confidence with the advantages of transparency and invisibility, comfort and ease of use, adaptation to lifestyle, and intelligent control. With its advanced technologies, this application achieves innovative and optimal dental care and elevates your dental experience to a new level.

Dental Monitoring

It is one of the best smart technologies in dentistry that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose and track dental problems. This smart application allows patients to improve their dental care daily at home and check their results using a dental monitoring device. The advantages of this technology include the following:

  1. Intelligent and targeted treatment follow-up: Using the Dental Monitoring application, patients can follow up on their treatments intelligently and optimally. This application gives you detailed information about the condition of your teeth and treatment changes, and based on that, your customized treatment plans are adjusted.
  2. Improving dental care: The Dental Monitoring application allows you to do your dental care in the best way. Using this application, you can learn the best dental cleaning methods and techniques and use the best care products for your teeth.
  3. Prevention of future dental problems: This application gives you information about the condition of your teeth and oral health, which helps to identify dental problems in the early stages. By early detection of problems, take preventive measures in time and avoid the need for complex treatments in the future.
  4. Increased interaction with the dentist: This application allows you to easily communicate with your dentist and send him information about your treatments and progress. This remote possibility allows you to benefit from the professional advice of your dentist and have more special supervision of your treatments.

Using the Dental Monitoring application, you can achieve the best results in your dental treatments, improve your smart dental care, and take care of your oral health in a targeted and efficient manner. By combining artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, this application allows you to upgrade your dental experience to a new level and use the most enjoyable experiences in dental care and oral health.

The third part: the impact and role of these technologies in improving dental care

The impact and role of mobile technologies in improving dental care have become an attractive and fundamental reality. These tools allow patients to take care of their teeth and mouth in a self-care and optimal way and benefit from the best results in maintaining their oral health. Due to the technical capabilities and intelligence of these applications, dentistry becomes a wonderful and exciting adventure that takes your dental experience to a new level of improvement and advancement.

One of the remarkable advantages of using therapeutic applications in dentistry is the intelligent and targeted follow-up of treatments. With this technology, patients can accurately and continuously follow their treatment steps and check the results carefully. This possibility also helps dentists in Kingston to provide the best treatment plans for their patients and use more effective steps in treatments.

Also, by using these applications, you can detect your dental problems in the early stages and take preventive measures in time. This is considered one of the main advantages of mobile technologies in dentistry. Early treatment of dental problems prevents the need for complex and expensive treatments in the future and allows patients to enjoy their dental health.



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