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Types of oral lesions and oral diseases

Oral diseases or types of oral lesions are among the common infectious diseases in people. Ignoring oral and dental hygiene or bad eating habits and in some cases genetics are the most important causes of oral lesions. All types of oral lesions that may be non-dental can also be related to the gums, palate, oral mucosa, cheeks, tongue, around the lips, pharynx and throat: including leukoplakia wounds and candidiasis, etc. Unfortunately, a small percentage of people follow this treatment. They are the type of oral waste, which causes irreparable losses. In the following, we will talk about other examples of oral diseases and their treatment by oral diseases specialists in Canada.

Tooth decay: In the examination of oral lesions, it can be said that tooth decay is a type of oral disease in which the tooth tissue loses minerals and calcium due to the acid secretion of bacteria and is destroyed. The decayed tissue is irreversible and the tooth can be repaired with dental restorative materials. If tooth decay is not repaired in time, the roots of the teeth will be damaged and nerve extraction and root treatment will be required.

How to prevent tooth decay

  • Brushing your teeth the right way
  • Using dental floss and mouthwash
  • No use of sugary substances
  • Not using tobacco
  • Regular visits to the dentist to take care and prevent the development and spread of caries

What is a tooth abscess: A pus cavity that forms around the root of a tooth is called a tooth abscess. Tooth abscess is a type of oral disease that occurs during decay and can destroy tooth enamel and dentin. In times of caries, germs easily enter the tooth and cause tooth abscess.

What are the symptoms of a tooth abscess?

Oral lesions and oral diseases: inflammation of the tongue or glossitis

Glossitis or inflammation of the tongue is a type of disease in which acute inflammation of the tongue occurs.

  • Swollen tongue
  • darkening of the tongue
  • Redness of the corners of the tongue

The cause of inflammation of the tongue

  • burn
  • infection
  • Uneven teeth damage
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  • Failure to observe the health of the teeth
  • Allergy to some toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental materials
  • Vitamin deficiency and anemia
  • Reaction to some drugs



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