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Types of Korean implants

Dental implant brands produce implant parts and systems for dental implant operations. The patient is supposed to choose a brand from among the options suggested by the implant specialist. You may have noticed that there are many brands related to dental implant surgery, and in this article, we would like to introduce 6 Korean implant models.

Globally, more than 150 companies are trying to open their way in the dental implant market. It is almost impossible for a common person to know about all of them. Today, there are hundreds of dental implant brands available, all of which are prominent with their specific features, prices, and level of predictability (probability of a successful treatment result). Each dental implant brand and design has its own surgical materials and technical limitations. Therefore, dentists in Windsor depend on the capabilities of the implant brand for the best possible treatment. In this article, you can see a list of the top Korean dental implant brands in the market, with an explanation for each one.

What is a Korean implant?

Implants are good dental materials to replace your natural teeth. A dental implant is a tiny metal screw that is engineered with very precise technology. The implant acts as the root of an artificial tooth and has been used since the 1950s. Dental implants can be of different materials, widths, and lengths, and there are currently hundreds of brands of dental implants on the market. Korean implants offer quality, durability, innovation, and reasonable prices in different degrees.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Korean implants?

The result of a successful dental implant depends on the materials and the dentist’s qualifications. Most patients who need dental implants choose a dental implant manufacturer. The main measure of implant quality is the link statistics provided by the manufacturer. In some cases, the dental implant may not be done correctly, which should pay attention to the disadvantages of the dental implant.

Osstem implant

Osstem implant is made with excellent biomaterials. In the process of creating it, outstanding scientific design techniques and synostotic surface techniques are used, which results in this type of implant being brilliant in all aspects. It has been tested several times during the production process not only materially but also in clinical aspects. Its quality is approved by the FDA, European Union, CE, and many others.

Advantages of Osstem implants

  • Relatively affordable price
  • Simple surgical protocol and opportunity for simultaneous implantation
  • Strength, high implant survival rate of 98.8% (according to Pondang Hospital, Seoul; this data is from the manufacturer’s official website
  • An opportunity to immediately implant artificial teeth

Disadvantages of Osstem implant

  • Thread is not suitable for all types of bone tissue.
  • Many do not cover advanced clinical cases.
  • The healing phase of the gums takes longer than other systems.

Megagen Korean implant

Megagen is a Korean brand founded by a group of dental surgeons in 2002. The company specifically tries to find solutions to challenging problems that bring innovation and quality.

They offer different models for different needs, such as Anyridge, Rescue, Anyone, Mini, and EZPlus. AnyRidge is probably the most famous product of Megagen company. Due to its high mechanical stability, different size options, and longer duration, it is in high demand.

The advantages of Megagen implants

  • Better oral health
  • Higher success rate
  • Long-term results
  • Multiple AnyRidge implants can be placed during one visit.
  • Natural looking implants
  • No glue or mess
  • Prevent bone loss and gum loss
  • Strong and functional artificial teeth

Disadvantages of Megagen implants

  • expensive
  • Weak prosthetic system

Korean snooker implant

  This brand has been established since 1997. Since 2005, he has specialized in the field of implants.

Advantages of snooker implants

  • Five different types of fixtures for four different bone tissue conditions
  • Root form design

Disadvantages of snooker implants

  • Not FDA approved.

Chaorum Korean implant

Chaorum is an implant manufacturer founded in 2006 in South Korea. This set of 3 bone level implants offers straight shapes. It is distributed in more than 38 countries.

Chaorum implant advantages

  • Types of fixtures for different treatment conditions

Disadvantages of Chaorum implant

  • Not covering all clinical cases

Dentium Korean implant

Dentis (South Korea), is a manufacturer established in 2000. This system is produced by the South Korean company Dentium, which was founded by American representatives, and has offices and production facilities in both the United States and South Korea. One of the features of this manufacturer is that it produces systems with different price categories.

Advantages of Dentium Korean implants:

  • The conical shape, allows us to distribute the load on the bone tissue, thereby preventing bone tissue absorption.
  • Double thread: optimal load distribution that makes the structure highly stable.
  • Titanium alloy grade 4 and grade 5.
  • Versatility: compatible with other components of implant systems, lifetime product warranty, and a high percentage of implant survival (up to 97-98%).
  • Relatively affordable price

Dentium Korean implant disadvantages:

  • The stage of implant survival rate includes compliance with certain rules and restrictions.
  • Complication risk

DIO implant

DIO is an implant manufacturer that was established in 1988 in South Korea. This collection offers 16 bone and tissue-level implants with tapered, straight, and tapered tip shapes. This type of implant has been distributed in more than 35 countries.

Advantages of implant DIO

  • Excellent strength and flexibility, no risk of breakage
  • Excellent fusion with the jawbone that gives the implant a very stable base.
  • Strengthening the jaw bone and preventing the loss of its structural integrity over time
  • Better and faster healing of surrounding soft tissues after surgery
  • DIO implants can also be used to maintain complete dentures in the mouth using the all-on-4 or all-on-6 techniques.

Disadvantages of DIO implant

  • The high price of surgical kits
  • Low-quality prosthetic parts


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