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Types of dental treatment methods

Dental treatment under the supervision of a dentist is one of the issues that involve many people throughout their lives. Because having healthy and beautiful teeth is important for all people. People who regularly take care of their teeth are less likely to suffer from oral and dental problems.

But some other people may face problems such as tooth decay, tooth and gum infections, irregular teeth, etc. They need to treat these problems under the supervision of experts. Of course, we should also point out that the purpose of dental services is not to treat teeth, but rather dentists are looking to prevent further damage to teeth.

They introduce all kinds of care methods to people to prevent damage to the teeth by using these methods. But what is certain is that today the progress of medical science has led many clinics to provide all kinds of medical and beauty services to the applicants.

The most common methods of dental treatment

As we mentioned before, today dental clinics provide dental treatment services to applicants. But how many types of these methods are there and how are each of them performed? We will mention some of these methods below.

Restoration of damaged teeth

People may face many problems with their mouths and teeth during their life. including the risk of tooth decay, tooth fracture, tooth loss, gum disease, etc. Of course, we must also point out that all these problems occur when a person does not follow oral and dental hygiene at all or does not use a low-acid and low-sugar diet.

But when the patient faces these problems, he can refer to a specialist dentist for treatment of teeth and mouth. By providing the necessary services, the doctor tries to repair the problem created in the teeth and mouth of the person. After examining the teeth, he will check the cause of the damage and then choose the best treatment method to repair it.

root canal

Root canal treatment is another type of dental treatment that removes damage and infection in the target area by treating the root of the tooth. Damaged teeth are very sensitive. Hence, they cause severe pain. Doctors remove the nerve pain of these damaged teeth by denervation.

Scaling and cleaning teeth

Among other dental treatment services, we should mention scaling and teeth cleaning. In this method, the mass created on the tooth, which leads to tooth decay and damage, is removed. Plaques and masses that form on the teeth make the gums sick. In addition, they give an unpleasant appearance to the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to scale these teeth to restore beauty and health to the teeth. Otherwise, with time, the teeth may suffer more damage and become completely decayed.

Dental crowns

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or resin that are glued on the teeth as a type of dental treatment. In most cases, these veneers need to be recolored to match the color of other teeth. In general, we must say that this is a suitable and common method for treating damaged teeth.

Filling gaps and holes between teeth

Filling gaps and holes between teeth should be considered as another method of dental treatment. Itsar Dentistry, under the supervision of expert dentists, removes gaps between teeth and restores beauty to your teeth. We can consider this method of treatment among the restorative services of teeth.

filling teeth

Teeth that have holes due to decay need fillings. This method of dental treatment is very common among dentists. Dentists in Toronto use drills and other tools to clean and fill cavities in teeth. For this purpose, they use different materials in specific sizes and quantities.

pull tooth

Tooth extraction is the simplest and most common method of dental treatment. Every person who feels pain in his mouth and teeth goes to the doctor. In most cases, the doctor will extract the desired tooth. Because this toothache can no longer be treated. It should only be pulled so as not to damage other teeth.


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