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Treatment of tooth infection in children

Tooth infection is a problem that almost everyone can get involved in, and this problem also happens to children’s milk teeth. Tooth infection in children or toothache in children is due to not observing oral and dental hygiene. This problem causes tooth decay, and then failure to treat baby tooth decay causes a child tooth infection. Tooth infection causes an abscess and a pus mass. When a child gets a tooth infection, it is better to go to a specialized pediatric dental clinic and a pediatric dentist as soon as possible, so that the child’s pain can be reduced with appropriate treatment, and by prescribing antibiotics for gum infection in children, the existing abscess and pus will disappear. Be in the gums in this article, we will explain more about the treatment of tooth infections in children. Stay with us…

What are the symptoms of tooth infection in children?

Symptoms of tooth infection in children are different and may be more or less for each child. The most important of these symptoms in children are the following:

  • Swelling of the mouth
  • Fever
  • Bad Breath
  • Severe pains inside the mouth that are not specific, but the child feels the pain in all the teeth.
  • The appearance of swelling outside the mouth, which is sometimes swelling in parts that have a lot of nerve and vascular tissue, and this point may be dangerous.
  • Anorexia
  • Occurrence of gum abscess and pus from the gum

Treatment methods for pediatric tooth infection

The methods of treating tooth infection in children are different, and depending on the age of the child, the extent and severity of the tooth infection, the length of time the milk tooth remains in the mouth, or which tooth it is, different treatments are performed by a pediatric dentist.

Note that all the initial measures to remove the infection and remove the tooth abscess must be done by a pediatric dentist because sometimes parents arbitrarily give their children antibiotic tablets to remove the tooth infection or take They treat the tooth infection at home, this makes their body resistant to the antibiotic, which forces them to use stronger antibiotics in the future. Therefore, in the first place, it should be done by a pediatric dentist in Toronto after examining the cause of the infection in the form of drug therapy and then taking the necessary treatment.

To prevent tooth infection in children, it is necessary to have periodic checkups by a specialized pediatric dentist. Failure to observe oral and dental hygiene is one of the most important and main causes of tooth decay, followed by tooth infection.


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