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Treatment of denervated tooth root

In the initial stage of treatment and when the root canal treatment specialist in Canada is treating the root canal, he first enters the internal canal from the crown of the tooth and starts cleaning the internal chamber of the dental canal. At this stage, all nerves and internal tissues as well as bacteria inside the tooth canal are removed and destroyed. After that, the inside of the tooth is filled with special dental materials and the crown of the tooth is sealed to prevent the entry of bacteria. In some cases, bacteria may enter the tooth from the part near the root of the tooth or through the crown (if the restoration is not done well), in any case, re-treatment of the root and treatment of the denervated tooth root should be done. Or if it cannot be maintained, the tooth must be extracted.

Why does a tooth need root canal treatment?

Nerve removal of the front tooth and root canal treatment in general is one of the most complex dental treatments, which is successfully performed in 90% of the early stages, but in some cases, the root canal may be curved or narrow, which causes complications. In the process of root canal treatment (dental denervation). In cases where during the initial root canal treatment, the complexity of the root canal is not known or the number of tooth canals is not a fixed number, there may be a problem with the coating or filling of the tooth, or the tooth is decayed from another part, re-treatment of the root and Re-nervation of the tooth is performed. Re-treatment of the root of the tooth (re-nervation of the tooth) is more common in large molars.

The stages of tooth root retreatment

  • First, by injecting anesthesia, the decayed part and previous restorations are removed and the doctor creates a path from the crown of the tooth into the canal.
  • In the next step, all the previous restoration materials are emptied and the tooth canal is cleaned by a tool called a file.
  • The inside of the canal is filled and blocked with a substance called gutta.
  • In the last step, the crown of the tooth is bandaged to prepare for veneer placement.




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