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Treatment of crooked permanent teeth in children

Disorganized growth of permanent teeth and crooked eruption of permanent teeth of a child is one of the common problems that most children may be dealing with. Crooked permanent teeth have been a concern of some parents, so they are looking for the cause of crooked permanent teeth of a child, and of course, the solution is orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist. It is necessary to know that you can prevent more and more complicated costs and treatments in the future by preventing crooked teeth. Continue with us to tell you whether crooked teeth can be fixed or not and to check the treatment for crooked permanent teeth in a child.

What is the cause of crooked permanent teeth in a child?

One of the most common causes of crooked permanent teeth in children is lousy sucking habits. Also, putting a pacifier in the mouth of children since childhood to calm the child is one of the reasons that causes the habit of putting the pacifier in the mouth of the child and continues until the age of permanent teeth growth. This habit causes permanent teeth to grow out of order or crooked. Other factors that cause a child’s permanent teeth to be crooked include the following options:

  • Genetic factors
  • Wrong swallowing and reflux
  • Injury or trauma to the child’s face
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Tongue behind the teeth
  • Early extraction or late fall of milk teeth
  • Absence of permanent tooth growth

What is the treatment for a child’s crooked permanent teeth?

First of all, by giving up the child’s bad habits, such as stopping finger sucking or taking care of and observing daily oral and dental hygiene, it is possible to prevent the child’s permanent teeth from falling out. Performing regular check-ups and visiting a children’s dental clinic and a pediatric dentist in Ottawa can prevent possible problems in the future, followed by more complex treatments such as maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics, or extraction of milk or permanent teeth. A pediatric dentist can identify the position of permanent teeth by examining the radiograph of the tooth and creating a suitable space for the growth of the permanent tooth by removing the baby tooth in time.


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