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Treatment of cracked teeth

Why do teeth crack? Teeth are one of the most important organs in the human body that are directly related to health and beauty, and taking care of them should be one of the priorities.

People who accidentally face cracked teeth immediately look for the reason and ways to treat cracked teeth, we will answer your questions in this section.

Some common causes of cracked teeth

  • Grinding teeth
  • Consuming hot and cold foods without a time interval
  • Biting hard foods
  • A large volume of filling the teeth with materials causes tooth fragility (molar cracks).
  • Some gum diseases also cause damage to the gum and cracking of the tooth root, which causes the tooth to crack.

What are the symptoms of cracked teeth?

In some situations, a person may be unaware of their tooth cracking. In this situation, you should pay attention to the symptoms to prevent problems before they progress.

Symptoms of cracked teeth

  • Severe pain when chewing food
  • Feeling toothache in conditions of temperature change
  • The pain is temporary and goes away, but it should be taken care of.

Ways to prevent tooth cracking

Although it is not possible to prevent tooth cracking in general, but following a series of tips, the percentage of its occurrence can be reduced to a great extent:

  1. Chewing hard foods such as unopened corn kernels, ice, food bones, the end of a pencil or pen, etc.
  2. Not grinding the teeth and not putting pressure on the teeth
  3. Do not eat foods with a large temperature difference immediately after each other
  4. using a mouth guard during teeth grinding or sports activities

Treatment of cracked teeth

Treating a cracked tooth at the right time is of great importance, because if a cracked tooth is not treated on time, it will cause tooth decay, cracks in the root of the tooth, and as a result, an abscess or tooth fracture.

There are different ways to treat cracked teeth because the type and location of the cracks are different.

Hairline cracks in front teeth over time and by using colored food cause discoloration and discoloration of the teeth, so look for the cause of front tooth cracks and then treat them.

Can a cracked tooth be repaired? Yes, in such a way that first the surface of the tooth is prepared for restoration and then its surface is covered with the material of the same color as the tooth.

How long does a cracked tooth last after treatment?

A cracked tooth will never be the same as the first day after treatment and will not recover completely. Sometimes there is even a possibility of losing the tooth after treatment, but if the cracked tooth is treated with a good method and under the supervision of a dentist in Canada and choosing the best method if the treatment is done, it can work well for years and not cause any problems.


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