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tooth restoration

Dental restoration is any type of treatment designed to restore the beauty and function of a damaged tooth. The dentist in Canada  examines the condition of the tooth and the severity of the damage to choose the best option for restoration. So if your teeth are decayed, weak or broken, you may need dental restoration.

Examples of dental restorations include dental fillings, crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures. In this review, we will have an overview of some common types of dental restorations that are used by dentists today.

What is dental restoration?

Dental restoration is all the methods that the dentist solves the problems related to the function or appearance of the patient’s tooth by replacing the tooth or repairing decay and fracture. The tooth may have been lost due to decay, deterioration (weakening) of a previous restoration, or fracture. By repairing the front teeth and other teeth, these types of problems can be completely solved. The dental restoration specialist uses different methods to prevent tooth decay to prevent pain and more severe problems in the future.

What are the benefits of tooth restoration?

Chewing is a complex balancing act that requires close coordination between the jaw, teeth and tongue to ensure that food is properly ground and crushed before digestion. When food is not chewed properly, choking and digestive problems can occur.

Leaning too much on one side of the mouth due to pain caused by a damaged tooth is one of the common causes of chewing dysfunction. Restorative dentistry is one way to help restore the ability to chew.

On the other hand, misaligned teeth can cause oral problems such as jaw pain, jaw muscle stiffness, and unwanted gum self-biting. These discomforts can even lead to frequent headaches and sleep problems.

The restorative dentist offers several methods to help realign the teeth and end the patient’s discomfort. Finally, you can get both health and beauty.

A beautiful smile means health, happiness and beauty. While not all parts of our body can stay away from aging, our teeth can still be young and beautiful. With tooth restoration, you can have a beautiful smile and attract attention in any ceremony like models and famous people who pay special attention to their smile.

Even a beautiful smile with white, neat and beautiful teeth can make other defects such as skin wrinkles appear less.

What are the types of tooth restoration?

Below are some of the common methods of restoring front teeth and other teeth that are performed by experienced dentists:

1- Dental Fillings

Composite filling or filling is minimally invasive and helps preserve more of the tooth structure. This method is usually used to repair a damaged tooth caused by decay or cavity. When the dentist removes the damaged or decayed areas, the composite filling is bonded to the tooth to make it look natural. This procedure requires little preparation and can be completed in one full dental appointment.

2- Dental crowns

Dental veneers are used to protect teeth with structural disorders. Dental crowns are sometimes called “dental caps” because they completely cover the tooth up to the gum line. Placing a crown usually requires several different dental procedures. This procedure involves shortening the damaged tooth and sometimes gum surgery.

3- Dental Bridges

A bridge is a combination of several dental crowns (usually three or four). This method is used to cover the gap left by missing teeth. Bridges can be attached to healthy teeth on either side of the gap or dental implants. This method also requires several treatment sessions.

4- Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best way to have natural teeth. The dental restoration specialist uses an implant post to replace the tooth root, thereby maintaining bone health and tooth alignment. Dental implants can restore one, several or all teeth on the dental arch because they have the possibility of restoring teeth including crowns, bridges and dentures.

5- Onlay and Inlay

These methods are more prominent than dental fillings and smaller than dental veneers. Inlays and onlays are made in the dental laboratory for tooth damage that is too severe for filling and too little for veneering. An inlay is used when the crown of the tooth is healthy, while the inlay helps restore the damaged crown of the tooth.

6- Composite Bonding

A frequent question of clients is whether it is possible to repair a broken front tooth? Front tooth restoration with composite bonding is done when a piece of the front tooth is removed. Front teeth can be difficult to fill. Dental bonding with composite resin is used to restore broken teeth and restore their beauty. The composite is applied layer by layer, then hardened and polished to the desired shape and size of the tooth.


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