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Tooth restoration with tooth-colored materials

Restoration of the same color of teeth and in some cases tooth filling is one of the branches of dentistry. This treatment is used to remove caries, repair fractures, surface damage or lip filling, and minor tooth corrosion and maintain its beauty. In the past, only colored metal compounds or amalgam were used for restoration, but today, attempts are made to restore with tooth-colored materials using resin and porcelain or ceramic composite to have a natural appearance. In the following, we will explain to you the restoration with tooth-colored materials.

What materials are used to fill teeth?

It is used for tooth restoration with tooth-colored materials that are made of dental composite materials. To treat tooth decay, after removing the decayed part, the dentist places a tooth-colored composite in the empty part of the tooth. Composite materials are soft and flexible and are fixed in place by shining a blue laser.

How is restoration done with tooth-colored materials?

In the process of tooth color restoration, the doctor first anesthetizes the desired part with anesthesia and after removing the decay and cleaning, he places the same color material in this part. After that, he polishes the material on the tooth by grinding and completes the work.

Necessary care after restoration

  • Use soft foods and liquids for up to 24 hours and avoid eating hard foods.
  • Brush regularly and keep the affected area clean.
  • Use dental floss.
  • Include the use of mouthwash in your daily schedule.
  • Get checked by a dentist in Canada regularly.



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