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Tooth discoloration in children

In general, teeth discoloration has many reasons, such as: diseases and congenital problems, medical reasons, inappropriate eating or behavioral habits, and the use of certain medications, which we will discuss in full in the following article.

Stains created in teeth are divided into two categories: surface or external tooth discoloration and internal tooth discoloration. In external color change, the cause of color change is caused by external factors such as drinks, medicines, some foods, and such things, which can be easily treated because it is formed on the most superficial layer of the tooth, but in internal color change, which occurs in the inner layers An established tooth is much more difficult to remove. In the following, we will examine the cause of tooth discoloration in children and the treatment by a pediatric dentist.

Causes of discoloration of milk teeth

There are various reasons for the change in the color of the teeth, and this change in color is a sign of a specific problem.

  1. One of the main reasons for the discoloration of teeth in children is not brushing properly, which causes the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and, as a result, causes tooth decay in children.
  2. Consuming carbonated soft drinks and sugary juices also cause tooth decay, and if you dip babies’ pacifiers in sweet liquids such as honey, it will cause germs to form in the mouth and increase the possibility of discoloration of their teeth.
  3. The use of some medicines also causes teeth discoloration in children.

Tetracycline and some antibiotics, if used by pregnant mothers, cause teeth discoloration in children, even if they are not used by the child.

Some congenital diseases, such as defects in the formation of tooth enamel, cause dents and grooves to appear on the teeth, which causes the teeth to turn yellow or brown.

  1. Getting hit or breaking a tooth causes damage to the nerve or blood supply of the tooth, and over time, the tooth may change color to gray.
  2. Continuous use of pigmented foods also change the original color of the teeth.
  3. Tooth decay is another factor that changes the color of teeth in children. The difference between tooth decay and tooth discoloration depends on the amount of discoloration and also the amount of decay, and the greater the decay, the greater the amount of darkening and discoloration.

Prevention of tooth discoloration in children

  1. Brush your child’s teeth at least 2 times a day (use fluoride toothpaste but less because too much fluoride is harmful to the child)
  2. Clean the child’s gums and mouth with sterile gauze during infancy and before teething.
  3. Avoid giving your child sweet liquids as much as possible.
  4. Some people think that medical examinations are only for adults, but this is not the case, we recommend you to visit a pediatric dentist regularly for examination and check-up when the first tooth of the child erupts.
  5. As we said, the use of some supplements causes teeth discoloration in children or causes yellow spots on children’s permanent teeth. If you see such a problem, we recommend that you make it a habit to wash your child’s mouth after every use of medicines. .
  6. Use low concentration fluoride and toothpaste for your child.
  7. Do not breastfeed the child before going to bed or to put him to sleep because this causes the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and as a result causes tooth decay and discoloration.
  8. Include enough calcium and vitamin D in your child’s diet.
  9. Teach your children to rinse the toothpaste in the mouth completely after brushing, because the toothpaste remaining in the mouth for a long time causes the color of children’s teeth to change.

Treatment of children’s tooth discoloration

As it was said at the beginning of the text, discoloration in children’s teeth has different types and origins, and to treat it, you should first consult a pediatric dentist to determine the cause and provide appropriate treatment. If the cause of the color change is caused by external factors, it can be treated with scaling and simple methods. If the cause of the child’s teeth turning orange is of internal origin, the necessary treatment should be done according to the child’s age and conditions.

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